San Marco, not as good as you would think.

So we decided to give Zante town a little visit as we wanted to go to the amazing farmers fruit and veg market. While there we decided to take a short walk into the actual town and get a spot of lunch, not a huge one as we decided as it was our last full day we would have a massive dinner, as you do.

We looked at a few places and instantly struck a few off the list after pestering people in the doorways. We saw San Marco in the main square and it looked busy, we decided to give it a go.  All I can say is that looks can be deceiving. We found our seats and took a look at the menu, while doing so a waitress swept past us with immense speed and we had been left with a huge bottle of water on the table!!!! Now this sort of thing annoys me and I always ask if the item is free, if not they can take it back. If I want something, I will order it.

The menu was small, more of a cafe rather than a restaurant. It looked really nice though and we decided to have the burger and the pizza, the pizza for myself. After a while we flagged down the waitress and tried to order, she got a little funny when we didn’t want drinks, they did stick water on the table though!

The waitress then decided to bring our bill out before our food, we did consider the New York cheesecake although after the premature bill we soon changed our minds. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at this point although was soon annoyed. The burger came out after five minutes and looked quite nice, I was informed by my partner that it was okay although a little soggy when it came to the bun. My pizza came out ten minutes after the burger! My partner had finished his food and I then had to eat mine, feeling a little on the spot.san marco

One thing that caught our eye was that each meal came with a side of nachos, I should note they were more like spicy nachos. Well they decided to forget the nachos with the pizza and when questioned said that it did not come with nachos, note the picture of what was printed on the menu.

We personally love to tip in Greece as most places are amazing, this time was different. Don’t get me wrong the pizza was a 8 out of 10 and the burger a 6 out of 10. They were nice for the cafe it was but everything else let the establishment down. It doesn’t hurt for staff to have a smile and not just with who they flirt with.

Afraid to say I would never eat here again no matter how nice the food might have been. There are so many amazing family run and big cooperate restaurants and cafes in Zante, this is one to avoid. Just like the title suggests, San Marco will always be a one time fling; never to be repeated.

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