Food waste?

So all across the country, every day supermarkets are throwing away millions of pounds worth of food. This food has gone past its best before date, this means that supermarkets are not allowed to legally sell it. Although you may find some amazing bargains in the reduced sections there is still a ton of waste thrown away daily! Shops however have started opening up all across the country that sell these foods, foods that are fine to be kept months after the best before has expired. Food that is being purchased at a fraction of the price in order to bring people cheap prices and great food!

With food banks increasing around the country but losing funding every year, these shops are a welcomed edition to the community. If you are living on a budget shops such as these are a necessity that some families can’t do without. So where can you find these shops? Well a google search normally does the job. Let me tell you about a couple of shops that do this perfectly in the south!

Wise Buys, Weymouth,

Weymouth, a sunny seaside town where prices are high and even more if you happen to be a tourist. Loads of places to get some fish and chips on the seafront but the locals need to live. With wise buys life is much easier. Wise buys may look small on the outside but on the inside it happens to be a best buy food tardis! They don’t just sell food however, they also branch out with toys, drinks and household supplies.

One example I have to give. Roughly a year ago I decided to pay a visit. They where selling blue noes cotton buds for 25p each! I purchased 10! I decided that they would make excellent stocking fillers and I kept a few for myself. I actually still have 3 left which will last me way into 2018! If I have enough room in my flat I would have purchased even more!

If you happen to be in Weymouth or live there my recommendation would be to check them out and grab something for yourself! Also check out their Facebook for more information on what they do!


Rogers Wholesale, Bournemouth/ Poole,

Bournemouth/ Poole, quite the area and very built up. Just like Weymouth the tourism is real, but the locals need to save as well. Rogers wholesale have this year moved into a nice big warehouse just outside Poole, a good thing as well because it is so full of best before goods they are looking to expand further!

Now I personally shop in Rogers Wholesale often, I can’t help it! The amount of goods you get for such a low price, you can’t pass it up and it makes reaching pay day much easier! For example at the start of the year my partner and myself decided to go down on their grand opening at their new warehouse. A whole case of J2O cost £2, £2!! We also left with over 40 boxes of special k and much more! We got back to the flat and didn’t know where to put everything, I am still eating special k!

Seriously, Rogers Wholesale is your answer to great best before foods if you live in Bournemouth and fancy a day out as well. A five minute drive from Tesco but 85% cheaper all round! Check them out on Facebook and see for yourself, everyone who works there are always friendly and waiting to help with anything you want!



So there you have it, best before food is the way forward mostly. I say mostly because both shops are amazing for lunch box fillers, breakfast and drinks but you won’t be finding any veg or ‘fresh’ food on sale. On the most part you could easily so most of your monthly shop at either shop, the only difference is Rogers Wholesale is more bulk buy which isn’t a bad thing for long term! Parents listen up, want to fill them pesky lunchboxes, go to either shop today, or when next open!

All joking aside, shops like these are the way forward and I hope they are here to stay. Everyone can use them and in fact I feel the sensible people stand out from the crowd when using such shops!

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