So we all know that shopping can be expensive. Everyday everyone is looking at way to save money. Money on everyday essentials such as food shopping. There are many ways in which someone can achieve this and one perfect way it by using your phone to its fullest potential! You may have already seen my ClickSnap post, well essentially Shopmium is the same thing. The app gives you offers on selected foods that you can buy and get cashback from. I have to say there are clear advantages to Shopmium that can be seen compared to other money saving apps. My main example is that if you refer a friend, you end up getting credit in your account and at the same time your friend gets a referral goodie. I remember when I joined up I got a free lindt bar of chocolate! At the moment you get a free Easter bunny for Easter! If you want to use my referral code below to get yourself a free goodie, go ahead!


You can check out Shpomium and start checking out some amazing goodies right now. In the mean time however let me show you a little bit of the app and how to work your way around it! In order for this to work you are going to have to download the app first from the app store which shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

How it works?!

1, Once you have downloaded the app and added in the details that they ask you will see the main page which is showed below. Although it can take a little time to get used to, the home page is actually very helpful. You have three options, you can see the latest featured offers. These are the offers that everyone is checking out and that are popular at the moment. You can move onto all offers, which in a nut shell shows you all of the offers at the current moment. Finally you have baby and toddler, perfect for parents who are fed up of paying huge prices for baby food!

2, Once you have selected the product you can click on it and go to discover this offer. You will then get told how much cashback you will get and where you can purchase the item. As you can see below the process is fairly straight forward.


So unlike the other apps the way to process your receipts and products are a little different. Instead of uploading your receipt right away you need to check product eligibility. This means scanning the barcode and taking it from there. I would suggest not throwing away any receipts for at least a month after just in case. While using these apps don’t forget to upload your receipts to receipt hog, check out my post to learn more on that!

It really is that simple. If you want to save on your food shop every month I would highly suggest checking these apps before every shop to see what is new! You can either select PayPal or bank transfer as preferred method of payment after uploading receipts. If you are not worried about getting the cashback right away then save it up in PayPal and use it for a special occasion or Christmas!

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