Starting university? Get Skorch-ing!

So starting university? Or is it your child? Either way a bag is needed. I have gone through so many bags in my lifetime it is unreal. You could say I have a keen eye when it comes to picking the right one. When it comes to my first year at university I think I have found the perfect one.

I have been looking for a nice lightweight bag which I could use daily. I also needed it to manage a heavy load. By which I mean everything I will have to take. Of course on the first year of the course you will need to lug around less so this bag is perfect. Let me run through a list of everything I have in my bag a day. Note, there is still room after it all.

  1. Large notebook
  2. Ipad
  3. Bottle water, crisp, chocolate!!!!
  4. Pencil case
  5. Headphones, phone charger and power pack.
  6. Two university books

As you can see quite a bit. I don’t even need it all I just like to make sure I have back ups. There is also pliantly of room left in the bag for whatever else you need. I love this Skorch bag because it really is unisex. It doesn’t fall into any gender categories and anyone can use it. I think they may have got the Doctor involved because the bag is like a tardis! Want one? Then get one here!!

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