Mental health can be rather overwhelming, which is why it’s a great idea to start your very own bucket list! A bucket list helps you to identify the great parts in your life and really focus on them. I’ve always been tempted to start a bucket list although never got around doing one. Now that it’s mental health week 2018 I’ve decided that it’s time to knuckle down and get one sorted. First I needed to have a long think and set a couple of ground rules as you can see below.

  1. Don’t add something you’re never, ever going to be able to afford!
  2. Make sure it’s not illegible.
  3. Don’t be unrealistic, I’m never going to climb Everest….
  4. Don’t add too much and get down if you don’t achieve them all.

Four rules, nothing major but still good tips to follow! I started to begin my bucket list at one point and after I added like 40 things to it I thought I needed to calm it down a little. So I’m going to go through a few bits that are on my bucket list. Now one thing to mention before I list a few things on my bucket list I’d like to point out that my bucket list is for the next 5 years, not for one year. I know some people have a life bucket list, others for a year and some people pick whatever time limit they want just like I did!

  • Lets move!

So this is probably the biggest thing on my list if I’m honest. I want to move, we need a bigger place and more space. So I’ve got getting a new place on my bucket list. We want to move into a nice big house and we want a work room where we can work from home as well. With our place at the moment it’s very easy to get stressed out as it’s so small. It doesn’t matter how much we declutter as well, there’s never enough room! So there you have it, the biggest thing on my bucket list is to get our own place!

  • Get YouTube sorted!

My biggest goal mainly for 2018 is to get YouTube sorted! Although it’s on my 5 year bucket list I want to get it sorted sooner. I don’t think it’s totally unrealistic but I do have three accounts on there at the moment. One for my lousnews website, one for our travel site Cubsontour and another for my gaming platform! Check them all out if you want and maybe subscribe! At the same time, we really want a house so I can do so much better on my YouTube videos!

  • Get a mystery box!!

At the moment this isn’t financially viable unless I wanted to buy a really cheap one. However I want to go big and all out, which means I’m saving money up from my prolific account in order to buy one and do a YouTube video on it! At the moment I have £33.20 saved up from doing random easy surveys so I’m getting there! The only thing I don’t like about these boxes are you might get a pile of crap which is why I’m not going to be spending a huge fortune on one, maybe £100-£200 when I’ve the money saved on prolific!

  • Wicked!!

I really want to go and see Wicked again, I’ve seen it twice and really want to see it again! If you’ve not seen it I totally recommend it, their voices are insane and I literally have chills by the end. If I had the money I’d go once a month for the rest of my life and I doubt I’d ever get bored! I also want to see P!nk again so I’m keeping an eye out for her tour!!

So that’s about it for the blog post, four of my top items on my bucket list! Having a bucket list is actually really beneficial to mental health wellness, as I said before it gives a person something to work towards and to achieve. I find that if I have a goal to focus on I’m more likely to plan everything out and have something to take my mind off any negativity most of the time.

It might not work for everyone but I’d totally recommend making one up. I used to make yearly goals up when I was younger, I used to love writing them up after Christmas and I’d have a blast. I’ve not done one for at least 10 years and maybe that’s had a knock on effect to my mental health? Either way I totally recommend starting one for yourself! If you fancy maybe hearing some of the other bits that are on my list you should totally check out the YouTube video I did on it and get some more ideas for yourself!

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