Struck by lightning, a film review.

I have to say I have been wanting to watch this film for a while now. I had never got around to it but now I have, I am glad! Struck by lightning is at the moment free on Amazon prime video so I jumped at the chance to watch it. If you don’t have Amazon prime video I suggest you check it out, if you don’t want to spend loads now sign up for 30 days free by clicking here. Knowing Struck by lightning had some big names in it such as Chris Colfer, Rebel Wilson, Allie Grant, Sarah Hyland and finally the stud known as Robbie Amell; to name a few I just had to watch it!

The film seems to be your typical average high school trip where the weird kid gets bullied. On the surface sure, dig deeper and you find a whole world more. With Carson fighting his way to the top he not only blackmails the popular kids but helps bring them together.

Struck by lightning is a well written and inspiring tale. It shows that if you put your mind to it anything is possible, even one person can make a change and above all else; live your life while you still can. Fair warning though, at the end the film can be somewhat emotional so make sure you grab a tissue or 3! I wish someone had given me that advice.

I would totally recommend giving it a watch, without a doubt it has to be one of the best and thought provoking films I have watched in a long time! Check it out by clicking the picture below!

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