So recently I was asked along to the Taco Bell opening in Poole. Of course I said yes, who wouldn’t. Myself and my partner made the short trip and arrived in no time. I have to say this is my first opening event so I was super happy to get asked, the fact that we love tacos helped of course!

First impressions?!

We arrived on time. I didn’t know what to expect and I kept away from google so I was surprised! I have to say from the outside I was very impressed. You sometimes hear about Taco Bell as a dive in fast food joint. Well not anymore. I was impressed with the outside and even more impressed with the inside. Clean and functional, enough space to move around as well. Maybe a little tricky for wheelchair users but not impossible.

upon arrival there was a nifty photo area set up with an amazing back drop. The photo company, shutterboothuk are perfect for any occasion and Taco Bell was right to have them along for the opening! They also have an amazing machine that takes photos and makes amazing gifs! Of course we tried it out as much as possible and now have Taco Bell photos everywhere!

The staff working at Taco Bell, out of this world! So polite and helpful. We got talking to a couple and as far as we can tell there isn’t a secret menu to pick from at the moment, however keep an eye out because you never know. All staff where dressed to impress and I have to say I really want one of their hats! So Taco Bell if you happen to be reading this send me one for some long term free promo?

I checked out the toilets as well, you can always judge a place by the toilets. Clean and smart. The disabled toilet is big enough for a wheelchair and has everything needed so spot on there!

How was the food?

In one word, AMAZING! It really was. I have to admit I am not one for spicy food although I had no problem. The menu holds all sorts from mild to spicy and you can pick whatever you want! They even have lemon and strawberry slushies! With the option of adding rum, provided you want it and you’re old enough to drink it!

My favourite that I would encourage anyone to be trying when visiting Taco Bell would have to be the quesadilla with a nice lemon slushie, without the rum. I could have easily eaten a few although I wanted to leave food for the other guests! If you get a chance though order some chips and ask for a pot of cheese and have fun! Maybe order chips x2 because you get that much cheese!

Would I go again?

In a heart beat! Taco Bell in Poole are having their launch on Wednesday 10th May and the first 100 people are going to get themselves a t-shirt, not quite the hat I wanted though! Imagine me at university in a t-shirt and hat! I would own it! So I encourage everyone to try and make it to the launch, who knows what will happen!


Overall I am more than impressed. Like I said before I had no idea what to expect and I loved every minute of it! The food is tasty and I just couldn’t get enough. The staff are helpful, answered all my questions and dressed to impress, Andrew stood out to us; even more so when he kept bringing food! I would easily recommend this place to anyone, especially students. The food isn’t expensive and you get more than you pay for! I can see myself making a regular trip when in Poole, I hope Bournemouth has a shop opening soon and I get invited to that as well!

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