Melting away Anxiety with Spectrum Noir and Art!

Anxiety sucks, let’s just start there shall we. It never gets any easier and it happens when you least expect it to. Worst of all is how it leaves you feeling after. I have to point out though that anxiety can manifest in all sorts of ways. I get so anxious I don’t leave the house, I can have anxiety attacks when I’m out and want to come home or I can finally get the courage to say something at uni to get criticized for having an opinion, anxiety can strike and I’m in a bad, low mood all day. There are loads of ways in which you can deal with anxiety however and that’s something I really wanted to talk about over the next few months. I want to bring you all the different ways I deal with anxiety, starting with art. I love to draw, it doesn’t mean…

Three ways I cope with day to day Anxiety!

So life can be crazy, we all deal with it in different ways and sometimes it gets too much! I understand and I have ways of trying to cop with such issues. I have anxiety, with actually having being diagnosed with it I started to find ways to help me cope. I am always building upon the ideas I already have and am always looking for new ways to cope. Check out my other posts on how to deal with anxiety and hopefully they will help you like they have me! So I have three main ways at the moment that I deal with day to day anxiety. This anxiety can be anything from having a really bad and busy day and needing to relax when I get home. Traveling and meeting new people, anxiety and mental health is not a small issue and it by meeting new people it…