How to complain effectively through Resolver!

People say that I complain way too much which ironically annoys me and gets me complaining! However complaining is some what of an art and if you’re not good at it you will find yourself at a loss and getting nowhere. I have had to complain several times and unfortunately am having to takeĀ  one company to court due to their negligence. There are many ways in which you can complain, I always find with minor issues a good few hours on the phone can do wonders. These days however there are loads of options you can take to complain effectively. You can check all the different ways in the complaint post I did a while back although for now I want to discuss resolver. Resolver is an amazing way to complain and you don’t have to spend hours on the phone, perfect if you value your time. The website…

Various ways to make a successful complaint.

Complaining can be difficult these days. Just for the simple fact that there are so many ways in which you can do it. I mean you have social media, your phone and you could even do it the old fashioned way and send a letter! Although I have to point out I don’t know of anyone that has complained successfully through sending a letter through the post. Not that I complain everyday but I know how to do it successfully, 9 times out of 10 that is. I wanted to let you know about the various ways that you can complain and how successful I have actually been when using these methods. I must point out now that every method is different depending on the situation and the company however. 1, Twitter. Most companies these days are on Twitter, either that or Facebook although I have to say I haven’t…