4 negatives faced when using Gumtree!

Gumtree can be amazing, even more so if you read my post about how I got most of my furniture for free on Gumtree. Although Gumtree can be amazing, it has its draw backs. It has many of them in fact, although I would like to focus on 4 in particular that I find frustrating especially when you are tying to find something or you happen to be waiting for a response. Gumtree has some amazing features and ads daily. I would suggest going with price ascending if you are looking for a bargain. Lets start with the negatives and if you want something nice to read about Gumtree check out my Gumtree furniture post. 1, Take the darn post down! So to begin with you find something amazing! Good for you. You then send them a message to find out if the item is still available and if it…