Fashion Friday, Sorting the appearance with Blue Beards Revenge!

As you get older you start to realise that appearance is everything. It doesn’t matter if people tell you it isn’t, because it is. The people who tell you that it doesn’t matter how you look, they’re the people who wake up in the morning ready to arrive at a photo shoot and look naturally stunning; not jealous or anything! The great thing about the age we live in though is it really doesn’t matter what you wear, people love it. Everyone loves a nice bit of fashion and bold statements. What really a matters is the face, well face and hair to be exact. Putting the fact that everyone is rather vain aside I found something new, go me! Blue Beards Revenge, I hope people like the name as much as I do; it rocks! So who are they? Blue Beards Revenge are a male grooming company with a…

The Stud Box, Absolute collagen the skincare treatment guys need.

As I get older I realise that my good looks, well they aren’t as good as they used to be. The amount of products I have in the bathroom has almost doubled since I was 14 and didn’t need to do a thing to look good. That being said I’m rubbish at finding new products that work well and do great things for my skin. I have the hair products down though. After a wonderful time at a blogging convention I got chatting with Absolute Collagen. They sent me a stud box to try out and I couldn’t wait, first of all who doesn’t love the word stud; total confidence boost for us guys. So a little background about the product before I let you know how I got on with it. Its made in the UK, high in protein and dairy, lactose and gluten free. Brilliant as I shouldn’t…