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The Freddo Chocolate collection ~ A yummy Review!

If you’ve seen my last Cadbury review you might have seen I was a little critical, I thought I’d go with something that everyone loves this time; the Freddo! I have to say first that I wasn’t paying up for the little freddo chocolate bars, I remember when they were like 5p so I couldn’t bring myself to do that, everything else I could; the new stuff without a problem. Just because they are new and I’d never tried them before! So I’ve had the Freddo faces before so that’s not an issue, I mean I couldn’t actually get a picture of them if I wanted to because the other half ate them. However they look pretty much like what’s on the packet! However I’ve never tried the faces or biscuits before and was really looking forward to them! Although I could only have a little to make sure I…

Perfect your hair with It really works vitamins!

If you don’t know I love playing about with my hair. Which means I love dying it and trying out new colours, however my hair doesn’t like it as much. Whenever I dye my hair it turns to straw, it takes a good few washes with a lot of conditioner for me to get it back to normal again! So I started looking for something, oil, vitamins or something to make a difference. I have to admit that at the same time my facial hair can feel like barbed wire! I mean no one wants to be feeling that and it irritates the hell out of me sometimes. So I really needed something to sort it out so that I didn’t have to worry about it. I mean don’t get me wrong everyone should be showering at least once a week but I’m talking about something to take when you’re…

Evo Shave, the handy razor for any situation!

Razors, I’ve used a few that’s for sure and I’m yet to find the perfect one. I’m not saying these are perfect but they are pretty darn special. So you see all the adverts for women and their razors. They have them for any occasion, on the go, parties and at home. Men don’t, well they didn’t anyway; until now. Evo shave, they have them for women as well but I happen to be a guy so let me tell you why I love them so much. I took one to uni the other day! You know you can get them little bottles of shaving foam, well I took chucked one in my bag along with a razor and had a shave at uni before a big presentation. It was amazing, sure someone walked in and looked at me a little funny but what the heck! So the razors, they…

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