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Evo Shave, the handy razor for any situation!

Razors, I’ve used a few that’s for sure and I’m yet to find the perfect one. I’m not saying these are perfect but they are pretty darn special. So you see all the adverts for women and their razors. They have them for any occasion, on the go, parties and at home. Men don’t, well they didn’t anyway; until now. Evo shave, they have them for women as well but I happen to be a guy so let me tell you why I love them so much. I took one to uni the other day! You know you can get them little bottles of shaving foam, well I took chucked one in my bag along with a razor and had a shave at uni before a big presentation. It was amazing, sure someone walked in and looked at me a little funny but what the heck! So the razors, they…