Spending Money


Create the perfect baby hamper, £10 or less!

Baby hampers, I keep seeing them everything with an outrageous price tag attached. I saw one the other day for £24.99 with hardly anything in it, talk about feeling it in your wallet. My other half has a friend and they are soon to be having their first child, yay. I thought, wouldn’t it be great to create a nice little baby hamper and at an affordable price. So I made one. I set out to make a hamper without breaking the bank and decided to make one for under £10, yes TEN POUND! You wouldn’t think that £10 would get you very far but you would be wrong. First of all you’re going to need to get a hamper which you can find at the moment in the pound shop and for only £1 imagine that! Then the contents, which can literally be anything you want although in this…

eBay sellers, how to pick the best ones!

So eBay is a huge marketplace where you can buy next to anything on there. I’ve spent thousands on there over the years and have to say most of the items I’ve received had been fine, some haven’t turned up and others had been dreadful! I have to admit that before buying anything on eBay these days I make sure that I check out the seller. Not everyone will know the steps to take which is why I wanted to share my tips. What are they selling? So first of all I check out the sellers other items. I have found a few sellers that are only selling one or two items with poor feedback, or just the one item and then rubbish feedback. Of course this isn’t true for everyone but if you’re selling on eBay you normally have more than a couple of items selling at one given…