The pitfalls of entering competitions through Twitter!

So if you haven’t read any of my competition posts before or you’ve only just got into entering competitions and want to find out more Twitter is one of the best places to start. Twitter is great for beginners and one of the most used platforms to enter competitions, which is why your win rate won’t be as high as you’d like and that’s a shame. So you might have seen my 8 top tips for entering competitions on Twitter, if not I’d suggest checking it out. This post is going to be a little different though, although I might cover some of the tips I’ve included on there! This post is going to include some of the pit falls when it comes to entering competitions on Twitter! Other Compers…. Entering competitions on Twitter can be really easy! Like, retweet and follow; that’s about it. That means everyone’s going to…

ManageFilter, unfollowing on Twitter made easy!

Twitter’s one of them platforms that has rules, rules in place to stop spam accounts. Which is a great thing because it’s keeping everyone online safe and out of harms way. However it can also have a negative affect of us compers, one of the main disadvantages that it gives us is the fact we can only follow a certain amount of people e.g. companies. At present Twitter only allows someone to follow up to 5,000 people, that is unless you managed to have a mass amount of people following yourself and then your limit gets increased! Although the chances of that happening are slim, sorry. If you’re a daily or professional comper you may find this comes up a little. I’ve had to sort it out a couple of times myself, which is why I now use Managefilter to save myself so much time and effort! I’m going to…