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It’s all rounded because there’s bound to be something for every father out there and you won’t be out of ideas by the end of this post that’s for sure! Is your dad like mine and never gives you an answer as to what he wants for fathers day? Great, so it’s not just mine. I’ve got all sorts on this fathers day gift guide that should fit every dad out there so if your dad doesn’t want something on this list, he’s more than awkward!

Speck Phone Accessories!

I love phone accessories and I’m sure that any dad out there needs some new tech protection, if they’re anything like mine their phone is either getting lost or broken right? With this Speck candyshell fit phone case the phones protected, it’s even deisgned for impact; you know in case it’s thrown or something? I’m also in love with this grab tab, if you’re new to the grab tab world, it fits on the back of your phone and means you’re able to hold it a lot better! Seriously your dad needs this!

The All Rounded Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019, speck phone accessories

Rocking Critically Endangered Socks!

These are socks with a meaning, a purpose even; plus they look pretty cool! Profits of these socks go towards critically endangered animals that need our help, so not only are you getting your dad some really nice quality socks this fathers day but you’re also helping animals out there that need our help and your dad will know about it every time he puts these socks on, let’s make a difference this fathers day!

The All Rounded Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019, critically endangered socks

Zippo Canvas and Leather Wallet

Who doesn’t love Zippo products? I’m sure every dad out there has either had or wants a zippo products and there’s nothing better than a nice wallet! Everyone needs to keep their money somewhere and I’m sure if you’re reading this you’re too old for pocket money so now your dad has money to spare he can store it in genuine stunning Zippo wallet! Get your dad something to say thank you for all that pocket money!

The All Rounded Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019, zippo wallet

Black Leopard Skin Care Essentials!

I love a good skin care essential which is obvious with a lot of the posts I write! I have to say before this post I’d never heard of Black Leopard skin care but I’m glad I have! I was gifted the eye serum for this blog post and it works wonders! If you have a tired dad who works all the time, you need to get him some of this eye serum! If he’s always running around like I bet most dads are I’d also like to suggest the black leopard anti-perspirant as well! I mean you want your dad on top form right? Check these products out and spoil your dad, he’ll smell better for it in the process!

Love Layla Fathers Day Cards

If you’re a bit funny like I am these cards are perfect for you and your dad for fathers day! I love a card with a bit of meaning behind it or one that’s just hilarious, I’m not a fan of the boring, generic cards you can buy in hundreds of stores across the UK! These fathers day cards are perfect for any dad and also any mum that’s had to step up and become the dad for their children! I’d recommend you go take a look at all their fathers day items and all the items on their website, you’re missing out otherwise!

Love Layla Fathers Day Cards, The All Rounded Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019


Want your dad to live that much longer? With these ateronon pills that might just happen. Healthy natural pills filled with goodness that goes straight to the heart to keep it pumping that little bit longer. Give your dad the gift of life this fathers day, I mean who could say no to that right?

The All Rounded Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019 ATERONON HEART+ Tomato Pills!

Giftpup Bat Cave Doormat

Who’s dad has a bat cave? Or at least somewhere that he can go to get some peace and quiet? Get him his very own personalised bat cave door mat! Actually have a look on giftpup and get him a few personalised bits that he can keep forever and have a smile on his face when he remembers the amazing person who got him it, brownie points forever! This door mat is amazing, looks perfect and is fit for any muddy shoes! Go on, get your dad one! Excuse the terrible photo, I live in rented accomadation and I know the carpet sucks, thank goodness I have the giftpup mat to make it look 100% better, you should get one too!

The All Rounded Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019 Matts batcave mat from giftpup

Fudge Urban Matte Wax

Does your dad love his hair? Keeps it nice and tidy all the time? Get him some of this, it’s great and keeps your hair in place for so much longer, I can safely say that as I’ve been using it myself and it really does do what it says on the tin, did I mention it comes in a really nice tin and not just some pot that you’ll find in your local shop? It looks the part and does what it needs to do, is there anything better?

Fudge Urban Matte Wax

Happy Fathers Day!

To all the daddies reading this blog I bid you a happy fathers day and hope that you get something off this list, you’ll know they were purchased with the right intentions and the maximum amount of love a person can give! To everyone else I hope you get all the ideas you need to spoil your dad this fathers day and that you have an amazing day!

The All Rounded Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019


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