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Spending money is easy, within a few clicks of a button and you’ve got items on their way and money out your bank account. Wouldn’t it be nice though if you could get money back on your shopping? Well you can and I’ve been doing it for years now! Cashback on your shopping isn’t as taboo as it used to be, in fact I’d think most people who are serious about saving money when they shop expect to get it, especially if they shop online!

I know a few people however who don’t get cashback on their online shopping and it makes me sad. I’ve been told that they don’t shop enough online to worry about cashback or they have no idea where or how to get started! Which is why this post is going to be worth it so stick till the end! I’m going to let you know why you should be getting cashback and how you can get your hands on money you’re missing out on when you shop!

First of all you want to know why cashback is so important right? Well you’re basically getting money for spending money online, think of it as a discount. If you spend £20 online and there’s a mega cashback sale happening which gives you 20% from your purchase, that’s £2 you’ve just got back for buying something you was going to spend money on normally. Sure it won’t always be 20% cashback but every little helps.

Now I hear people tell me that they don’t shop enough online to merritt worrying about cashback and I totally disagree. The beauty with cashback is you don’t get charged and there’s not a set time that you have to use it by so you can keep saving it up! I’m sure everyone has a cheeky takeaway now and again because I know I do! You can get cashback from your takeaway purchases! Ever buy something on ebay? Well you can get cashback from that as well, along with thousands of other stores. Etsy, Groupon and Asda just to name a few!

Of course it’s all well and good me telling you why you should be getting cashback every time you shop online but you need to know where to go in order to get the cashback you deserve! So let me tell you my two favourite places to earn money while I shop!


Quidco is one of two cashback websites. Although it’s the one I use the least I find that there are more companies on Quidco than that on TopCashBack so you should totally sign up and make sure you check it to see if the place you’re shopping with are on Quidco offering cashback. Once of my favourite stores to get cashback from on Quidco is Jacamo and they pay nice and fast.


So topcashback is my favourite from the two, I find that they give a higher percentage of cashback and they have deals on often so you get more cashback! They’re not as fast as paying but it soon adds up. I’m forever using it for etsy and ebay.

Getting cashback

The thing to know with cashback websites is you can leave the money in there for as long as you want, I normally take it out in november because I can use it all on Christmas gifts. You also have the option of taking the money out as vouchers. You’ll find you get a small percentage on top of your balance as well if you end up taking the money out as a voucher, I always go for Amazon.

The downside with either website is that you might have great percentage when you purchase your item although the percentage might go down in the meantime which really totally sucks. Either way though you’re going to get something back from your purchase so it’s worth it either way.

You should totally sign up and get cashback! Think of all the online shopping you do throughout the year and then think of the amount of money you could be saving for Christmas, maybe a little shopping spree for yourself? I know one person who shops so much online they managed to pay for a holiday just with the money you’re getting back from shopping! How amazing would that be!

The Best Cashback Websites To Save You Money While You Shop!


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