Christmas is a time of year when money can become a thing saught after, which is why I love to save whenever and wherever possible! Watching various TV shows designed around saving money at Christmas has become a hobby of mine, knowing when to spend and when to hold back is something that saves me a lot of time and money each year. It’s taken me a few years to get the hang of it but I’m finally at a point where I’m not spending money for the sake of it!

So Christmas tv shows for saving money, every year there seems to be new ones and it can be a little difficult to keep up with them all and know what ones are actually worth watching! So I’ve made a little list of all the ones that I love watching at Christmas time and hopefully you’ll find something nice you can start to watch.

How To Spend It Well At Christmas

So first of all I love Phillip Schofield and have to say it’s one of the main reasons I watch it. How To Spend It Well At Christmas Christmas program has to be the best one out there in my opinion. He takes a look at so many products and really gives you an insight as to how much they’re going to cost. In the first episode he looked at how many packs of small collectable toys you’d have to buy to complete the set and it wasn’t cheap. It’s a bit like the eat well for less program where they go into detail about the different foods, you can check out a post I wrote on that here though.

So I guess this is a How To Spend It Well At Christmas review and that being said I give it 5 stars across the board. I have to say some of the products featured are a little pricy but at the same time at least if you’re going to buy one and it’s rubbish he’s going to let you know. You can watch How To Spend It Well At Christmas online and on catch up so don’t feel that you’re going to miss loads if you can’t watch it on the day! I’d totally recommend giving it a watch and hopefully you’ll be able to avoid terrible products this Christmas and save money! If you fancy checking out the How to spend it well at Christmas website just click here!

How To Spend It Well At Christmas


I love Supershoppers! It almost went into my all year round TV show post but there’s a reason it’s in the Christmas section. They tell you how to save money all year round and you’re left with so much more by the end of the year. Ready to spend on Christmas, not only that but they talk about certain products you know people are going to want for gifts! If you’re a super shopper you probably already watch this show but trust me there’s a big reasons it’s on the Christmas list. You can catch up anytime and there’s loads of supershoppers youtube stuff as well. If you fancy checking out the Supershoppers website then click here. The supershoppers channel 4 presenters are Anna Richardson and this year joined by Sabrina Grant.

This year, the reason why it’s on the Christmas list. They are doing a Supershoppers Christmas special and it’s going through all the sales. The sales are a big thing for us, we end up buying a lot of our Christmas presents for the next year in the sales and we’re looking foward to seeing what they talk about! I love the knowledge that can be picked up in the Supershoppers series and continue to watch it every year without missing a single episode. I mean how could I miss one of my favourite money saving shows and a money saving Christmas show at that!

Supershoppers TV Christmas Show

Shop Well For Less

Steph McGovern and Alex Jones go round and find the best deals and help different families shop better. I love it because they don’t compromise on style, fashion or quality but they show that there are better prices that can be had. Let’s face it, everyone loves a bargain and in the Shop well for less series, there are loads. So my Shop well for less review is telling you to go and watch it. It’s a family favourite to watch every year so that we can get the best deals. You can catch up on Shop well for less watch online if you wish and you won’t have to miss a single episode.

Although not as good as How to spend it well at Christmas, or Supershoppers; Shop well for less is a great Christmas centered money saving program which is going to save you a few quid each year and that’s what I’m on the look out for. If you fancy checking out the Shop well for less website just click here! Plus if you watch Eat well for less, you’re going to fit right in at home here.

Shop well for less money saving Christmas tv show


There are loads of money saving shows out there and I love watching them all. I love the money saving Christmas tv shows because it just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what you want or love at Christmas, you can save money without having to compromise on your style or the quality of what you love! If you know of any money saving tv programs that I happen to have missed off my list please do let me know, they need to be connected to Christmas in some shape or form though! If you’re looking for a generalised all year round list then don’t forget to check out my other post!

In the mean time have a great Christmas, don’t spend too much and make sure to look after yourself and spend time with loved ones! If you’ve found any bargains though do let me know!I hope you like these Christmas tv shows for saving money and that you’ve taken something away about saving money in this busy festive period as well. A few years ago I was clueless about anything when it came to saving money!

The Best Christmas TV Shows For Saving Money


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