The Diana Palace, updated and upgraded.

So this year was our third year at the amazing Diana Palace situated in Argassi, on Zante Island. We have stopped at this hotel now for three years, it is that good! This year however we discovered that the Diana Palace had had on of the best face lifts I have ever seen, if you haven’t been before you will really want to now! You can find a recap of how amazing the Diana Palace is by clicking on the link in this sentence. I can tell you a couple of things however, the staff are still amazing as ever. They all have smiles on their faces and are so helpful, you would never find the amazing customer service in the UK; this is the place to go to be treated like a loving family member.


So if you have stayed here before you will know that the rooms are pretty efficient. You have the nice clean bathroom and the well equipped bedroom. The balcony is a great view point as well, but wait till you get a look at the new upgraded superior rooms; I can see these rooms being in high demand! I have to say when I walked into the room I was speechless, that doesn’t happen often. The room is so crisp and clean its unreal. It has a modern but calming look to it and a very nice high quality feel; one you wouldn’t find in the UK.

You can have a look at the pictures I took yourself or maybe the other reviews on the internet. You will find that The Diana Palace isn’t only the peoples favourite but the new rooms are the bookies choice. The extra money you pay for the best room in the hotel will be at the back of your mind once you are there. Of course I also need to talk about the fantastic new restaurant that was our next visit!

IMG_7681Although I didn’t manage to get many photos of the restaurant itself due to it always being full, I did get a few. If you have been before you will know what the old restaurant was like, double that and make it better. The amount of tables have doubled with some fantastic round additions, makes the restaurant even better for the families. You can get around easily and the air con is a fantastic blessing. The staff are always there to help and will clean your table before you even know you are done! Also while on the topic of food, the Diana Palace now have their own olive oil. Take a look at the picture and when you visit ask to get some for yourself.



The only constructive piece of criticism would be that the menu is the same as it normally is. It might be nice to switch it up a little for the repeat travelers to the Palace. I have to say though other than that tiny thing the rest of the “resort” is amazing, I say resort but it is more like a second home these days!

If you are a repeater I hope you have an amazing time and visit Angelos, you can tell them the two boys sent you! If you are newbies to the hotel and want to find out a little bit more about the place, I hope you found this review useful. To anyone who goes, well you will love it. I am yet to find someone who didn’t like the Diana Palace. You can also check out their trip advisor page for even more positive reviews and comments.

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