Last month a couple of days before flying to Bangkok we decided to have a look around the pound shop for some last minute essentials. We needed all the basics and I wanted to see if they had any apple chargers as it’s always handy to take a spare! Well you won’t believe what I found.

I am fed up of buying power banks on Amazon to lose them or have them break after a couple weeks. Well it just so turns out that the pound shop are currently selling their own, yes for £1!! I couldn’t believe it either!

I had a look and they had several colour. Green, blue, black, red and orange. We got a blue and orange for our trip. I really didn’t mind if they were going to break after a few weeks like all the rest because they only cost £1! I felt like a child in a sweet shop. I wanted to buy even more but decided against it. There weren’t many left on the shelf and I wanted to leave some for others.

I’ve managed to charge it up and use it for the day. I would say the battery life isn’t as good as the expensive ones you would buy but it’s mighty impressive considering it only cost £1. They don’t feel as cheap as you would imagine but I think given enough force the power bank would crumble so I would advise against dropping it or using it in the shower!!

I would totally recommend them though, they are literally amazing and just what you need if you’re traveling. At £1 you can’t go wrong and by the stock left on the shelves they are going fast. Your pound shop will hopefully stock them so next time you’re in take a look, also they sell sturdy chargers to go along with the power bank so if you wanted you could leave your genuine expensive apple one at home while jetting across the world!

I would love to know your top finds in the pound shop and what’s worth picking up! Also I love a horror story so have you picked up any items from hell? Like the SIM card I purchased only to find that the sim was missing from the pack when I returned home! Let me know.

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