So I’ll just cut to the chase, I hate getting pen all over my hands and arms. It makes me look like a total tramp and it’s not exactly attractive is it? As a student I’m forever writing notes in class to never look at again and am forever looking for a pen in my bag. I have to point out though that although you can grab free pens around campus, most of the time they suck.

They last a couple of weeks, they never smudge and the fact that they take forever to dry means my arms look newspapers after a lecture. I recently however came across a pen I fell in love with, if like me you’re a bit of a stationery buff you’re going to love this! Platignum make the best pens ever, so I got in touch and asked if they could send me some for a quick little review and I now have some funky pens.

Okay so they have a whole range of pens, all of which can be found on Amazon and in WHSmiths. So as long as you buy from the Tixx range you’re safe. That’s the range I’m going to be chatting about. “Stylish, easy to use, disposable pens come without the compromise of lower quality products!” I couldn’t agree more.

Not only are all the pens within the Tixx range fast drying but the grip on them, perfection. I’ve had so many pens that slip out of my hands and can’t keep up with how quick I write notes, these pens I’ve had no issues with. So look you have the average pens within the range, pens I would suggest any students get and you can buy a pack of 12 on Amazon to last you the whole year. These would be perfect for any student, They also come in various colours such as orange, purple, lime green and more!

Wait… they get so much better!

The Tixx range also has some amazing ball point pens, black and blue. Rather snazzy and professional if you want that look. Maybe you have a placement year coming up and want to impress? I would recommend them for sure, they aren’t my favourite though. Oh no, my favourite is something so much better, so snazzy it will knock your socks off! Prepared? You won’t know whats about to hit you!

Ready to have your mind blown and world rocked? Well the Tixx range has an amazing fountain pen, they are amazing! The fountain pens are fast drying as well, literally within seconds so you don’t need to worry about a mess all over your arms and hands; possibly even your face if you fall asleep! They suit any occasion as well, perfect for work, placement, lectures and doodles. They are easy to write with and I just think they look super cool! The pens also perfect for left and right handed writers!

So there you have it, the amazing Tixx range. Of course my favourite from the whole range has to be the fountain pen, they’re versatile and can be used in any situation and you still won’t be left with any ink on you! You can even buy a pack of 12 of fountain pens as well! I will be once the ones I have finally run out. Although from what I gather and have already seen one goes a long way and you’re only going to need to get one set for the whole of uni!

So get your student butt over to Amazon and order some now, don’t forget with an NUS card you get 6 months free student prime so you can have them delivered next day if you really need them!

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