Amazon used to have a simple link that would allow you to find out how much credit you had on your digital Amazon account. If you have stumbled upon this post with no idea what digital credit is I would suggest you check out my what is Amazon digital credit post. In short digital credit helps you buy films and music.

That being said it would be helpful if you could actually see how much digital credit you had. Imagine not knowing, you want a film that’s £8.99 but you only have £4 credit. You will be spending money without even realising it, until it’s too late! That could be a serious amount of money you could lose over the course of a month, maybe that’s why Amazon decided to make it next to impossible to find out your digital credit amount.

Have no fear! I am here to tell you the one simple way in which you can find out the balance of your digital credit. First of all you need to obviously log into your amazon account. The next step would be to find Amazon prime video. This can be found under Account & Lists.

Step 1,

Once you have found your prime video you want to click on a film, it doesn’t matter which film you click on. As seen below you will see the prices for the film, rent or buy. Under the prices you will see the option More Purchase options. Click on this. Once you have click this you will get another option, you should then click on Redeem gift card or promotion.

You should then get your available balance. Once you buy a film the credit will be applied automatically. However, sometimes the Amazon system can be a little temperamental and may not be able to show you the balance you seek. So far most of August the balance checking system has not been working. However most of the time you are able to access your balance. So far this is the easiest way that I know of to access your balance.

So there you have it, you can now access your balance and hopefully watch as many films as your heart desires. I hope that by knowing this as well you will save money in the long run. Let me know if there are any ways you use to check your balance that I don’t know about.

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