As I get older I realise that my good looks, well they aren’t as good as they used to be. The amount of products I have in the bathroom has almost doubled since I was 14 and didn’t need to do a thing to look good. That being said I’m rubbish at finding new products that work well and do great things for my skin. I have the hair products down though.

After a wonderful time at a blogging convention I got chatting with Absolute Collagen. They sent me a stud box to try out and I couldn’t wait, first of all who doesn’t love the word stud; total confidence boost for us guys. So a little background about the product before I let you know how I got on with it. Its made in the UK, high in protein and dairy, lactose and gluten free. Brilliant as I shouldn’t be eating dairy!

Each pack comes with 14 sachets and they aren’t big and bulky so you can take them anywhere you want. So you can either get a subscription through the website which means you’re going to get a box delivered ever 14 days. You can also get a one off box, I would suggest doing this the first time round. It just means you can test it out and if it’s to your liking you can set up a  subscription afterwards.

So did I like the stuff? If you’re reading this you probably want to know if it worked for me, well I’d like to hope so. Okay so you’re supposed to take it to help fight ageing and help your skin, nails and hair. Sure although I feel that with a product like this it’s going to take a long time to notice a change, at least a couple of months.

That being said I have to admit that my face started to look better. Let me explain, normally I have terrible bags under my eyes and forever look tired. I haven’t got anymore sleep than normal although the bags have slightly reduced and I don’t look like a terrible mess. I must also point out that my nails are terrible, they are forever breaking and it does my head in. They haven’t been as bad as normal although still break, just not as much.

I have to point out that I’m not getting paid for this post, I was just sent the product which means of course I’m not going to spout a load of rubbish. I feel the collagen has some really good potential. I would say that if you’re serious about it get the subscription and see how you get on for a couple of months, if you don’t see a change then re evaluate taking it. Of course it’s going to be different for everyone, most beauty products are. You wouldn’t see me looking fabulous in the red lipstick some of the famous women pull of these days.

So there you have it, if you found any of this useful and want to try it out for yourself head on over to absolute collagen. Some people might see them as expensive, others might find them the cheaper alternative to what they are already taking; after all they are almost half the price as competitors selling basically the same product. They do them in women sizes also! P.s. the taste isn’t as bad as you’d think, I was a little nervous to take them as well!

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