The Terrace – Westbourne.

So while taking a stroll around Westbourne this weekend we decided to stop for a bite to eat. If you have ever been toIMG_0074 Westbourne you will know there are loads of places to go and eat. Spoiled for choice was an understatement! It was raining so we had a quick look about and decided on The Terrace Westbourne.
We saw it was quite busy and this always strikes me as being a good sign. We sat down and instantly fell in love with the decor, normally I hate mirrors but they pull it off well! I have to say all the staff were beyond polite, smiles on their faces and always asking if we needed anything. I must point out that they didn’t randomly come over and started talking but they waited and knew the right time to approach. This can be next to impossible to find these days with staff always interrupting you when you try to eat!
I decided to go for the special hot chocolate as you can see from the picture, it was divine. The marshmallows were to die for, just wish the hot chocolate was a tad hotter but could be because of the cream? Either way it was gorgeous! The menu is IMG_0078nice and extensive and to be fair I had a hard time picking food. I think it was the owner but he looked rather busy. He still had time to drop by and let us know what’s the special meals of the day were. I still decided to pick a tuna and cheese jacket potato however and we got a portion of chips and cheese to share! As you do.
The chips were amazing with melted mature cheese on top. The jacket potato however was even better. You can see from the pictures how great they looked, they tasted better. I was so glad we wondered into The Terrace that day because we will no doubt return. If you ever get a chance to pop in for a quick bite to eat go right ahead!

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