State of the art, unique hot dog cooker!

So I have tried and found some amazing things in my time! This however is something else. So this is a hot dog maker, I wouldn’t say maker however. I would say cooker. I have to say it is one of a kind, unique and quirky! It is the type of gift you would love to get for Christmas or Birthday because it is so fun.

So I say cooker and not maker for a few reasons. So you don’t actually make the hot dog for starters! You put the hot dogs into the machine and to cook them. Getting them nice and ready, perfect for an indoor BBQ; maybe in a flat? The buns/rolls go on top to keep them nice and ready to slide your hot dogs inside!

I have to say the hot dog cooker is amazing, the quality is ace. You get two metal trays with it. Nice high quality metal as well, sometimes you get some flimsy trays out there but this; this is some good quality. On top of that the whole machine is a nice high quality. You can tell it is well made and it is going to last quite a while as well. I hate it when I buy something and it last for a few years and then you have to throw it away!

One last thing I have to point out is the box, I love it. It is an American hot dog maker and I have to say it looks the part. If I saw it in the shop I would be drawn towards it. Plus at £29.99 it isn’t that bad! Would make a nice little gift for someone! Moving in gift? Either way I would suggest getting one, used mine and it is a nice little piece. Also the instructions come in handy!

Fancy getting it for someone? Maybe as a gift or just to treat yourself? Head on over to Amazon and get yours today!


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