It’s important to know what to do when low moods hit and how to prevent these low/high moods don’t get me wrong. However I like to think ahead, which is why I have some hobbies I partake in to help me distract from mental health altogether, I don’t even remember it’s there and I get totally caught up in the moment. Sure they might cost a little but they’re still frugal, fun and totally worth it.

I’m not saying that everyone should rush out and spend money so they totally forget that they have terrible anxiety and crippling depression so please don’t think that. I’m just saying that sometimes it’s nice to indulge in something and let all the worries slip away. So here are my 3 frugal hobbies!

~ The Cinema!

I love going to the cinema it’s true. That being said my cinema habit can be seen as a frugal activity as well. Thanks to the monthly Cineworld subscription I’m able to watch as many films I want all month and only pay a set price! So far this month I think I’ve seen 8 films which would have normally cost £11.50 a time resulting in £92! I think for just under £18 per month I’m onto a frugal winner here don’t you! If you fancy signing up then click the link and be my guest! If you use my promo code below we will both get one free month so why not!


~ Bargain Hunting!

Who doesn’t love a good bargain! So this one involves getting out there and meeting new people so it won’t be for everyone! However I love spending my Sunday going round bootsales looking for some nifty bargains. I normally take £20-£30 with me and never spend it all. I’ll get home with bags of stuff I never knew I wanted and I’ll be over the moon. I don’t even remember I have anxiety most of the time and it really builds my confidence while I’m out there!

~ Eating out

Now this might not seem so frugal but stay with me! When I eat out most of the time I’ll get a discount! With the cineworld unlimited card for example I get 25% food at places like Pizza Hut which is amazing! With my NUS discount I get money off places like Frankie and Benny’s and PizzaExpress, not to mention a free cheeseburger at McDonalds with any meal! Also I have a Nando’s reward card which means I get money off there as well! So you see eating out can be frugal as well.

So there we have it, 3 frugal hobbies that yes might cost a little but they’re perfect for helping distract me away from my mental health! If I can find ways to better my mental health and save money in the process I will, if there’s any ways you use then please let me know in the comments below. Maybe you do the same as me but you have better ways of saving money in the process, in which case I totally want to hear more!

At the same time make sure you’re not distracting from issues that can have a negative effect on your life if not kept in check. Have healthy distractions. Don’t forget to check out my other mental health posts if you fancy a read and if you’re looking for more frugal advice then check out my other money posts.

Three Frugal Hobbies To Distract From My Mental Health


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