So life can be crazy, we all deal with it in different ways and sometimes it gets too much! I understand and I have ways of trying to cop with such issues. I have anxiety, with actually having being diagnosed with it I started to find ways to help me cope. I am always building upon the ideas I already have and am always looking for new ways to cope. Check out my other posts on how to deal with anxiety and hopefully they will help you like they have me!

So I have three main ways at the moment that I deal with day to day anxiety. This anxiety can be anything from having a really bad and busy day and needing to relax when I get home. Traveling and meeting new people, anxiety and mental health is not a small issue and it by meeting new people it can act up in ways you wouldn’t imagine. I also use techniques when flying or even while sat in a university seminar surrounded by hundreds of people, note the colouring one for the seminars! So check out my three ways I cope with day to day anxiety below.


Make sure that you have a google account and your own YouTube Channel early on! Make your own playlist. I can not stress enough how important this is! While everyone else is doing whatever they want chill out with some music. If you have a YouTube playlist you can just play that and chill. Don’t fill it up with the latest thing that is in the charts, dig deep. Find something that you forgot about, something you haven’t listened to for year! Guilty pleasure of mine happens to be DJ Boonie!

Music is one of the best ways to release all that built up stress. It just so happens if you sing your lungs out, that helps as well! Singing is proven to release something to make you feel better! Do it!


Just like a child, but for adults! Adult colouring books have been around for years now and they are very effective! I have had a couple now, I take them everywhere, university, visiting the in laws and even flying; because I hate to fly! There are so many different books out there at the moment. Myself, I am a hardcore gamer and one of my passions is Mass Effect! I have to admit the Mass Effect colouring book is amazing for a hardcore Mass Effect book. I get lost in the colouring and totally forget about any stress or anxiety.

There are loads of different colouring books. I just love Mass Effect and I would suggest to anyone to make sure you pick something that you love so that you can into it and don’t get distracted too easily. You might love Harry Potter or maybe just colouring flowers? Whatever you like, get one. Colouring has been a life saver in my world and I will carry on with it for years to come! Check out this shocking best seller! They say people that swear a lot have a higher IQ!



Cooking is a great way to relax. It doesn’t even matter if you can cook these days. Hop on over to your local supermarket and get a pre-made cookie mix. If you’re an expert at cooking try something a little more adventurous like vegan brownies! At the end of the day who doesn’t love brownies? You can have a yummy treat for yourself and if there happen to be any left over you can take them into work or share them with the family?!


Three ways I cope with day to day anxiety!

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