So I like to discuss anxiety as you may have guessed with some of my previous posts such as, how to cope with daily anxiety. I have ways on how to cope with all kinds of anxiety, if you don’t suffer with anxiety you may not be aware that it comes in all shapes and sizes. Anxiety can be managed, you just need to know how. So let me talk to you about how I tackle public anxiety, panic attacks and anxiety when out and about happen often with me and over the years I have tried various ways to overcome it all, some worked and others failed, badly!

I would just like to give my opinion on these fridget things. They don’t work. I know they are supposed to help cope with mental health and anxiety when outside but I feel it does the complete opposite. When in public suffering from an anxiety/panic attack the last thing I want to do is play with a spinning toy that attracts attention from people I don’t know! Counterproductive and it can make a person feel worse. When the walls are closing in you don’t want to speed the process!

How do I cope when in public?!

So that being said there are various ways in which I cope with public anxiety. They might seem really obvious to some people but to others they would never have guessed.

Headphones! So I always have a pair of headphones with me, at the moment I have this perfect pair which as magnetic so they stick together and don’t fall off! Headphones are perfect as you can stick them in and not have to worry about anyone around you. Most people won’t approach or talk to you if they think you can’t hear them and headphones help you sink into your own world while on the go. Notice I have said headphones and not music? It doesn’t matter if the headphones don’t work or nothing is playing because other people don’t know that! Also with headphones in most of the noise is still cancelled out! I would advise, even if you don’t like listening to music on the go; take some anyway.

Handheld fiddle thingy! So that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense at first glance, but that is the point. Unlike the fridget spinners you want something that you can focus on which isn’t in your face so that everyone can see what you are up to! Personally I have either my phone case or my pen that I use to distract me. An ordinary object that you can keep in your pocket and fiddle with if you start getting anxious and want to take your mind off of the current situation! Now this doesn’t work for everyone but try it? Maybe a rubber band or paperclip? It can be anything you feel comfortable with that won’t draw attention from other people in the process!

Counting! People think that counting to 10 will make everyone calm and feel better, wrong! In fact if you get panicked, stressed or anxious in public; well you should be counting down from 10! Counting down means you have to focus more on the numbers which will distract you from the issue faced. I have used this method many times when in supermarkets as I find it helps 9 times out of 10!

Just remember!

Just remember that anxiety can be very difficult. Coping with public anxiety isn’t an easy thing to do and it will take time to learn new ways to cope! Check out my other posts and see how I deal with anxiety in all kinds of situations. Anxiety won’t warn you, it isn’t pretty and it can really effect peoples lives. If you are here because you know someone who suffers from anxiety, help them.

If you have any questions on how anxiety has effected me, or would like to know anything just ask. Let me know what ways you use to cope with anxiety and I will give them a go!

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