I’m forever on my phone, it doesn’t matter what kind of mood I’m in I just find my phone in hand. Which is why I’m loving smart phone apps that help with my mental health, it makes dealing with my mental health and mood swings so much easier and takes the hassle out of everything. The fact that I’ve always got my phone no matter what is one of the reasons I’m so glad I found an app like Thrive.

Thrive is a different type of app than any of the ones I’ve tried before and have to say I quite like it. It’s a monthly plan so it does cost a bit, you can find all the information needed on their website so make sure you check that out. As always if you can’t afford something don’t get into debt buying it, however I love this app so if you can afford it go ahead.

Thrive smart phone app

So what do I like about Thrive?

For starters the app is mega colourful and interactive. I mean I’ve used apps before but they can be a little bland which sucks, even more so if you’re feeling depressed at that moment in time. With Thrive you’re able to get a pick up as soon as you load the app with the beautiful colours and the fact that it’s so interactive! You even have a little guy who follows you around on the app and tells you all about the different stuff on there.

So when you load into the app you’re greeted by a beach, calm island I believe it’s called. However before you dive into that one, there are two others. There’s a little picture of an island in the corner and you can move that to the side and access two different islands! So where I thought there was just the one island to begin with, there’s actually three and you get so much more for your money than I thought.

So let’s chat about what the app has to offer. There are loads of settings and sessions that you can go through, like loads and now that I’ve discovered two more islands the number went up! There’s literally something for everyone although personally I go for the breathing exercises. Before you actually go into a session you have the option to read up on the benefits that the sessions give you which is so much more than other apps I’ve used have to offer.

The app holds so much that can benefit someone with mental health on so many levels. At the same time it helps to educate people on the best ways that you can maintain great mental health levels and prevent mental health breaks a lot easier. You can input how you’re feeling and how you normally act to tailor the app to yourself.

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What you need to know?

So the app is on a monthly subscription and you do have to pay. You can check out everything you need to know on their website for prices. Now although I love to app and would totally recommend it, I wouldnt suggest you get into debt to get it and if you can’t afford it don’t put yourself out to get it. Again it’s worth it if you have the money for the monthly subscription.

A little something that needs to be addressed, I’ve had to log in like three times today and it keeps logging me out even when I click remember me which can be really annoying. I’d suggest not using the app if you’re feeling impatient or frustrated because you might get a little annoyed and give up on it.

I can’t recommend it enough. overall a positive experience and I use it on a regular basis when I’m feeling mega stressed out and overwhelmed. The breathing sessions on the app are amazing and I love me a bit of meditation. If you fancy checking out my other mental health posts have a look here and make sure you’re on my YouTube channel so you can check out any videos I post.

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