Reselling can be tough, which is why seeking help and advice is the way to go. However it can be rather difficult to find help in reselling circles because not everyone is looking to help and that being said some people go out of their way to make sure you fail and that’s the sad truth of it. Which is why I love YouTube.

You can find pretty much anything on YouTube these days and it’s really easy to come across a channel that looks like it’s right what you want, but isn’t. Thankfully I’ve been watching resellers on YouTube for quite some time and I have a few firm favourites that you’re going to love. Just watch a couple of videos from these people and you’re going to pick up loads of knowledge and be reselling in no time!

Sure some of them might upload more than just reselling videos but they’re still fun to watch, whereas others will be reselling dedicated! The only way you’re going to find out though is by taking a look below!

~ Ben Fitzpatrick

Ben’s videos are pure reselling, you’ll see him go and pick stuff up which is always a treat; just wish he’d do more videos where he hunts them charity shops and bootsales! His round ups are amazing and to actually know what people paid is true inspiration! Take a look at his videos and see for yourself! Sad to say that he’s now stopped his reselling journey on YouTube but still has loads of old videos that you can catch up on!

~ Nic & Andrea Hills

The dynamic duo as they’re known in my flat, whenever they have a new video where they go out into the wild to find new items I’m the first to watch. The round ups they do as amazing but I love finding out what they got from the various bootsales and treasure trails they go on! They make it look effortless and they give hope that someday others can get there.

~ The Mini Millionaire

Helen and Cora over at The Mini Millionaire at forever talking money which is the main thing I love about their channel, their bootsale hauls are amazing and I can’t wait to see more! They don’t just stick to bootsale hauls though, they help you make money in all areas and I love watching their sales reports which are always inspiring.

~ Emma Drew

Although not just reselling based, Emma does have pick up haul videos. I love watching these and I’m always amazed as to how many clothes they actually buy. It’s always a treat to see what they got in poundland as well because some bits you can sell at a profit, but you didn’t hear that from me!

So there you have it, I’m hoping you’ve subscribed to all of the above accounts on YouTube now? Check out their videos and get an idea on what you should be picking up, at the same time you’ll pick up some amazing tips. If it wasn’t for Ben I would have never of known how to search for completed and sold items to see what they sold for!

~ StevenSteph Resale Killers!

So for a bit of fun so I’ve thrown a curveball in the mix, sorry! Although they’re not included in the top four because they’re not in the UK. This pair are actually from the states, however I love their videos! You can still pick up a load of knowledge, because items that sell over there are bound to sell well here as well. They also have some amazing dumpster diving videos which I love, it’s just a shame the UK laws are a little more strict because it looks fun!

If you have any resellers on YouTube that you love watching then you should totally let me know in the comments, the one thing I love about the videos is they don’t hold back! They show you everything you pick up and they don’t hoard all the knowledge so they can keep the great sales to themselves, after all times are always changing; take the Wii fit board for example!

Top 4 Reselling YouTube Channels You Need To Follow!


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