Top 3 reasons to visit Zante this summer.

So there are loads of reasons why you should go on holiday in the summer time. In my eyes though there are three top reasons why you need to visit Zante this summer. As I have been three times already I can give you a pretty honest and credible list!

1, Stunning weather & amazing views.

So of course everyone wants to go away for the weather right? Zante has amazing weather, with highs of 40 and lows of 23 it was to die for. When I say stunning weather though I don’t just mean the sun. I mean the luminous folks of lightning coursing through the sky and the loud eruptions of thunder. Not only that but when it rains in Zante, it pours. You think the rain in the UK is heavy? Think again. I have to admit though we have only had rain once when visiting, we have spent 4 weeks there so far.IMG_6258

Not to mention of course the amazing views. Everywhere you go there is something to look at. Even when I stood on the Balcony of my Diana Palace room I had an epic view. If you want to take it one step further take a trip to town. In town you will be greeted with all sorts of breath taking views.

2, Great food & better drinks.

Now when it comes to Zante you will find some of the best restaurants around. Not only are most restaurants you go into busy but some I have ventured near have had a queue outside. The food in almost every single restaurant I have been in is excellent. You do need to do your homework however, I would advise having a look on tripadvisor first and looking at some reviews from other bloggers.


When it comes to drinks though, hold onto your hats! I have been to a few places around the world. I have however never had a drink like the Greeks make them! Of course the Mythos (larger) is nice, especially when it is served in a frozen glass. When it comes to the drinks however I would say it’s 70% Alcohol and 30% whatever else you have in there. Can’t complain though they are nice, even better if you go all inclusive!

3, Friendly people

Some people say the Greeks are ruthless and unfriendly; they lie. 96% of the Greek people that I have met have been amazing and so friendly. I have been told not to talk to Greeks about my sexuality, silly really because all the Greeks I have spoken to have been 100% fine. We are even planning on getting married out there. I would say Zante is one of the best places to go if you want a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Conclusion: Go to Zante.

So there you have it, three top reasons why you need to put Zante on your holiday list. It would be a shame for you to miss out at the end of the day.




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