A town called Eureka, a box set unlike any other.

A town called Eureka. Like the title suggests this is a boxset not to be missed. Although it may have only had 5 seasons, they where memorable and full of fun packed action. I have to admit that A town called Eureka is like no other boxset I am yet to come across, which is saying something because I have watched a lot! Now of course I don’t want to give too much away while writing a review about the boxset but I can give you the basics and make them sound amazing; much like the boxset itself!

Plot line summary… Okay so like I said before, a town called Eureka is like nothing I have seen as of yet. It is basically a town full of mad scientists, crazy solider guys and a secret that needs to be uncovered. Then you have Jack Carter, the unsuspected victim of the town. He comes about begin sheriff in one of the most peculiar ways I have even seen portrayed on film before and I guess in the end he learns to love it. Although that being said, he never gets bored and there is always something to be getting on with and someone to save.


My favourites…. Obviously Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) is my favourite character in the whole show. Not only because his amazing good looks draws every single viewer in but he is the normal average Joe flung into a whole world of crazy, something we can all relate to at least one day in our busy lives. I would love to meet him in person! Someone else I would love to meet in person and who comes a very close second would have to be Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra). She plays the deputy at first although later on gets the promotion she would never have seen coming. She is funny and down to earth. Best of all she doesn’t take any stick from no one, the bad girl we all have locked inside of us and just need to let out once in a while!

What can I say… A town called Eureka would be an amazing investment for anyone. If you love your boxsets like me and really want to watch something that is totally out there. Something that keeps coming up with new plot lines and doesn’t use the same old recycled rubbish. Oh and something that will make you want to watch the next episode and not just wait a few days until catching up, you need Eureka!

After all, there is never a dull day in Eureka! Why not grab yourself a copy from Amazon and for only £19.99, hours of fun for a low price! Get in!


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