Brand new gym trainers, Nike FS lite trainer 3.

Trainers, I love buying them! I have a fair few pairs now and almost all of them are Nikes. I obviously love wearing them and they are great to look at but if I am going to be spending £50-£100 on a pair of trainers I want them to be decent and not fall apart after a few uses! I decide to order these and couldn’t wait to try them on! A shame though that the DPD driver was rude and abusive but Nike soon resolved the issue.

I needed new trainers that looked the part for the gym and not like I was hanging out with a few mates. These delivered on a whole new level, in fact my partner got them in the blue shade and we both love how they look. You can see from the IMG_29033picture that the trainers totally look the part for the gym, in fact I don’t think I could wear them outside the gym; which is why I have more trainers on order already! At the end of the day though the trainers need to be comfrotable and efficient; that is what we are after at the end of the day other wise going to the gym would be a pain!

When trying them on I found that I gained an inch in height and for a shortie like me that was amazing, I was finally the same height as my partner; until he tried his on that was! The shoes give a nice cushion padding to them so they are nice and comfortable when exercising in them which is fantastic. The only issue I could find with the shoes however is that if you have wide feet they may be an issue. I have wide feet and they are a little snug on me, the good thing about Nike though is you have 30 days to try them and if you hate them you can still send IMG_29499them back for a refund.

I can safely say that after using these trainers at the gym and for nice long walks around Bournemouth, totally recommended! I have no affiliation with Nike, I just wanted to spread the word about these amazing trainers while I go into my health drive!

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