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So I love shopping, always have done and always will. I hate spending money however and getting nothing back in return. Rewards cards are something that I am very fond of however and always have in my wallet, because you never know when you are going to need them! Let me run through the two Reward cards that I have and why I love them so much.

Tesco ClubCard

So if you haven’t already, check out my post on Wombling. You will see why I love Tesco so much and why there lack of cleaners help me out so much! Tesco are my top choice when it comes to reward cards. I have one on my key-ring and in my wallet. So you get one point on your card for every pound spent. Now if you are a regular shopper when it comes to Tesco this is perfect! You can save money while doing you shopping and you don’t have to do anything for it!

Christmas Bonus! Now although this isn’t technically a bonus that Tesco are running, I use it as one! If you get in contact with the ClubCard customer service team over the phone they will be able to make it so all your points get saved up until November. This means at the start of December when you are worrying about Christmas and how you are going to afford everything; well you don’t need to. You will get vouchers sent to you from all the point you have saved up throughout the year. so if you save £50 worth of points throughout the year, that is £50 you have to spend at Christmas!

You can see why I like the Tesco ClubCard, they give something back from your shopping; unlike other supermarkets like Asda! If you have no use for your vouchers at Christmas time, hold on to them and use them in the January sales to stock up on the next Christmas!

Nectar Card

So you would hopefully have seen my wombling post by now, if not check it out here. Although that being said you would have seen that my Nectar card doesn’t benefit from it as much as my Tesco ClubCard does! Although your Nectar card can be used for so, so much more! I’m not sure how long ago I got my Nectar card but I am glad I did! There are so many ways that you can collect points on your Nectar card, even more than Tesco and just like Tesco it’s a pound a point.

eBay is the main source of my Nectar points income. It is really simple, all you have to do is link your Nectar card up with your eBay and every time you buy something you get points! This is brilliant for the Christmas period when you are buying loads on eBay, you collect points without even thinking about it! You can also get points when shopping at Sainsburys food and fuel! Check out some of the other cool places you can get points!

Online Shops you can get Nectar points: Argos, Apple, Just Eat, Hungry House, easyJet, ASOS, TopShop and so many more!

Now you won’t just want to save, save, save! We all like to shop and spend every now and again! There are of course loads of places that you can spend your points, other wise what would be the point in saving them in the first place?! I have tended to in the past spend my points at either Argos or Homebase because I always seem to need something in there. There are loads of shops however and always loads of offers to be had; at this point it would be worth mentioning that they also have a very handy app that can be downloaded! This app allows you to see how many points you have, how much money that translates into and where you can spend it and if there are any offers at that given time you can use!

Places you can spend Nectar points: Argos, Homebase, Sainsburys, eBay and so many more!


It should be kept in mind that some stores require a minimum amount of points before you can spend them. This is normally 250-500 points saved. If you have your card linked up to eBay and shop in Sainsburys all the time however it won’t take you long to get there!

There are of course other reward cards out there that can be used although myself do not find them beneficial for my way of life, reward cards include,

  • Superdrugs
  • Boots
  • Bodyshop
  • Morrisons
  • Nandos
  • Starbucks

Two Helpful Reward Cards to Save you Money!

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