UniBox Subscription Box ~ Unboxing and Review

Unibox - Unopened box

While increasing my followers on twitter and doing a few social media projects to help get the blog noticed that little bit more. Unibox started following me and they dropped me a message, we chatted and I told them that my partner is at university and that we are both bloggers, they asked me to order their box and do a review for them, so here it is.

It has to be said that the communication side of unibox is superb. If you want to know anything they are there to help and will answer any questions you have!

Louis studies a lot and gets extremely busy with university, so I wanted to get him something that would be different and cheer him up, especially as it is the end of the first semester so he has lots of deadlines for assignments.

After chatting with Unibox, they decided to send out a box for Louis, I had no idea what was in the box, only a rough understanding of what type of items have been in previous boxes. I wanted to keep this a secret and be a surprise for Louis, but that didn’t quiet happen the way that I planned, Unibox emailed Louis to say a box was on the way, then the barrage of questions were fired my way!!

Now there are 3 options, monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly, all pay upfront and the box is shipped out every month. If you have someone at university this might be a nice long standing monthly gift for them!

So Louis knew there was a surprise on the way!! The box arrived and Louis was dying to get into the box, but we decided that we would open the box together and Louis would do an unboxing video as well, which is available HERE.

Inside the UniBox - The card

The box was very well presented, it came with a card and a nice little note, that I was able to pre-write when ordering.


  • Hand Written Card
  • Instructions and Other Paperwork
  • NomNom HoneyComb Chocolate Bar
  • Kentish Apple Crisps
  • Popcorn Teabags Teapigs
  • Purition Chocolate & Macadamia and Vanillia Protein Mix
  • Ca Voost Tablets
  • Card Holder and Digital Tutors Voucher
  • Bubbleoff Room Spray ~ Tonkabean and Lime

Unibox - All unboxed and all items

So as you can see, there was a nice mix of things inside the box, the box also can be turned into a projector and there are instructions for that.

Overall the subscription box is nice, it makes a nice treat for any university student, as it  contains bits that the typical university student wouldn’t buy for themselves but might need! It also allows them to try other new products, flavours and enjoy it. If you fancy checking out theunibox and getting one for your own student, check out the link and have fun! Using the link will also give you £5 off your first order!

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