Valor the chocolate trip of a lifetime or a huge flop?

So in my week while I visited Benidorm I thought that it would be amazing to get out and see a little more, not just the beach and hotel room. I decided to book myself onto a chocolate factory tour, thinking it would be amazing and just as good as our holiday Rep told us it would be. We paid 12 euros each for the trip and thought it was a really good deal, looking back on it I might have paid half for the experience.

Now after spending almost two hours on the coach I was ready to do something, I also needed a wee; badly! So everyone got off the coach where we had to wait five minutes for a woman to come and let us in, no introduction or anything however. We got hearded into a room like cows in a field where we proceeded to watch a video on the history of Valor. The presentation video however could do with some improving. The first minute of the video was not suitable for children, soft porn at best! Then a couple of minutes before the video ended the woman re appeared to turn the lights off and tell us to all leave?? I was curious to see how it ended but alas that will never happen!

We then got showed into a museum, I felt like I was back at school. Following the teacher around and listening like a good student; until we got told that we had “free time”. We had five minutes to have a look around the museum, at this time we also got told we could use the toilets, like good pupils! Once our time was up the teacher, whoops sorry! The tour guide went around the museum to heard us all towards the factory.

Now one thing should b cleared up, our Rep told us that we would be lead through a room where you could see the factory above you and look at everything that was going on. The tour guide also told us the factory employs over 340 people at any given time and more at Christmas. The tour of the factory was terrible. It took all of a minute and you got lead around some balcony at the top of the room. There was nothing from the tour guide until it was over and 334 people must have been hiding because I only saw 6! It was appalling to say the least! On top of that, no pictures allowed and when I got my phone out to check the time I thought security would pounce with the look on the tour guides face!

So it was obvious what the real intention of the trip was, the gift shop which was supposed to be “cheaper” than the supermarkets! So we spent half an hour in the gift shop! It was clear all they wanted was our money! At the same time I did a little research of my own after the trip. In fact several of the items that I purchased in the gift shop just so happened to be cheaper in several supermarkets that lined Benidorm beach! So although you are told a good deal is to be had, don’t believe it!

Also I might add that an unexpected addition was put on the end of the trip, well two actually! The first being an hours stop at a supermarket center, shops such like the pound shop (1.5 euro shop) could be found there. It was rather boring and most people were at the coach stop after half an hour! Secondly the Rep we had decided that she would not inform the coach driver of our hotel and we ended up driving away from it until we actually reminded them we needed dropping off!

All in all it was a waste of time and money and you are better off going to your local supermarket!! Keep it in mind to search for reviews on all trips before booking and have a fab holiday! Check out my video below for a more direct review and a run down of all the products we over paid for!

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