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Everyone wants something for free, or something for next to nothing. You would think it’s pretty impossible to come by, these days nothing is free right? Wrong. I have been getting products for next to nothing and sometimes free for the past years and I think it’s about time I shared my secret, a secret that isn’t hidden very well!

Vipon is an exciting website that brings you loads of different products from thousands of sellers on Amazon! The deals on Vipon are split up in different categories for the time being, Vipon has a habit of changing often so you need to be able to adapt. At the moment you have two set deals,

Instant Deals

A product will have a certain amount of codes and it’s first come, first served I’m afraid. If you are quick enough you can click the Instant deal button and you will get a code for the item, it can be either a free or discounted item depending on the code. If you can get the deals perfect, if not there’s another way.

Requesting Deals

As well as instant deals you can also request deals. This means you have a nice long list just like the instant deals and you can request codes. You might have to wait a bit but if you really want the item, it’s worth it. Of course you might never get the code which can be a bummer but if you’re successful; Great! This is the method I use mostly and I have had some nifty items this way!

So it seems really straight forward right? Well it is. You get your very own dash board as well so you are able to keep track of everything you have requested, if you have the code and how long it has been since you requested the item. You have a time limit until your request runs out which at the moment stands at 60 days, loads of time. You are limited to 150 voucher codes a month and you can’t go over this, although if you do well your house must be full!

At the same time you have two options when you get the code, if the code works then you can click purchased and if not you can report the code and after a couple of days remove the item from your dashboard. If the code doesn’t work then it won’t go towards your 150 voucher limit that month. You can see my dashboard below, afraid to say I don’t have any items at the moment.

The Catch

Nothing in life is free right?  To begin with Vipon was a website where you would get products in exchange for Amazon reviews. Although this is still the desired method thanks to Amazon rules have changed. People are no longer able to ask for reviews. They give you the products free and discounted in the hopes that you will leave a glowing review on Amazon. Personally I try and review everything I get because it’s only polite and it only takes 5 minutes at the end of the day and if you feel like it you can even add photos in your review. If you are unfamiliar in leaving Amazon reviews check out my Leaving Amazon Reviews post, it can be a tricky business.

There you have it, an easy way to get free and discounted products and if you want you don’t have to do a thing in exchange. Most places will ask for a sign up fee and at the moment Vipon is free, I have no idea if they are going to charge in the future so grab the opportunity while you still can!

Are you already a Vipon user? What cool products have you got and if you are new to the game let me know what products you are looking for the most! Vipon is excellent for Christmas and birthdays which can easily become way too expensive!

Vipon ~ How to get Discounted and free products from Amazon!


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