When I got into blogging I didn’t think that I needed to worry about business cards. After all it was all done online right? Well it turns out that business cards are an essential part of blogging. As a blogger you want to be attending workshops, talks and events. In order for people to know who you are and to remember you, well you need business cards.

I did some digging and had a look at various platforms where I could have got my cards designed and found myself every time being led back to Vistaprint! I decided to go with Vistaprint because they had the long standing credibility behind them unlike other companies I took a look at.

Their website is easy to use with step by step guides all the way. In fact I have been using Vistaprint for a while now to make calendars as well as business cards, both have turned out perfectly. I would in a heart beat suggest using them for all your stationary needs.

Above you can see out business cards. The quality and finish are amazing, no mistakes and really easy to read. When I run out I will be sure to buy even more and if I start another blog I know where to go! Trust me the cards are amazing and there always seems to be a discount code on offer as well which just makes it that little bit sweeter. So if you are thinking about using Vistaprint but not got round to it yet I hope this post has put your mind at ease! Had any experience with Vistaprint? Let me know!

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