Vitamin C cleanser & moisturiser, do they work?

Normally I tend to be a bit skeptical when it comes to serums that claim to make you look younger and skin softer so I don’t bother with them. After having these Vitamin C products sent to me however I decided to give them both a try.

I decided to give them both a try after my daily shower. I would start with the Vitamin C cleanser and after move onto the moisturiser. I recommend this time because you have just cleaned your face so won’t be applying the products onto skin that may be dirty.

Vitamin C cleanser. I apply the cleanser all over my face, of course avoiding my eyes although the area I use it on the most it under my mouth and on my nose as these are the places most prone to acne. I tend to leave it on for at lest 5 minutes to let it really sink into the skin and do it’s job, when it comes to washing it off I make sure every single drop it gone and then let my face dry all over.IMG_30133

Hints and tips. Now when it comes to the cleanser there are a few things you need to make yourself aware of. First is a mistake I made myself, make sure you don’t use too much. Two squirts on the bottle should be more than enough and if you use too much the smell can be a little overpowering. Also the generic warning of don’t get it in your mouth or eyes, trust me I got a little into my eye and it stung because I didn’t wash it out quick enough!

I decided that between using both products I was going to let my face dry first so that the moisturiser didn’t get wet, didn’t want there to be a chance of it not working. I should mention that in the first couple of days using the two products a few spots did show up but they soon went after using the products daily.

Vitamin C moisturiser. I have to say the moisturiser is my favourite out of the two products. The smell is basically undetectable and the texture is really smooth, I have come across some other products that feel like grit and are terrible. I make sure my entire face is dry and then apply an even layer over my face. The amazing thing about the moisturiser is that it is really fast drying so you don’t need to wait IMG_30122all day for it to dry. 

Hints and tips. When it comes to the moisturiser I need to stress that you do not need that much, maybe even less than the cleanser. If you use too much you will be trying to rub it in for ages. Try to avoid eating it, I got some in my mouth and the taste stayed for over an hour; it wasn’t a nice taste to have either!

Now that I have spoken about how I apply it and what it is all like, let me tell you a few facts about the product that really caught my eye in the first place. Instanatural have a Manufacturer Warranty, if you don’t like their product for whatever reasons you can contact them and sort out a full refund! Some of the natural ingredients sounds amazing, green tea, tea tree oil and not to mention the Vitamin C. Not to mention both products are FDA approved.

I have been using both the Vitamin C products now for three weeks and have to say my skin is a lot softer and smoother. I have also found that the amount of acne I have been getting has decreased a lot, just in time for my holiday in Greece! Would totally recommend this product for anyone looking to improve their skin quality or just as a nice gift, I wouldn’t mind it under my Christmas tree that’s for sure. It might also be a good idea to point out that I have really sensitive skin and I had no reaction with either of these two products.

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