Wales Comic Con – 2016!!

So this weekend just passed was the amazing Wales Comic Con! I have been to a few comic cons before and have to say they are amazing, this however was my first welsh experience. When it comes to the website and social media, the comic convention looked great so I decided I had to take a visit with my partner and even more so when I saw the line up of guests!

It will be difficult to cram everything from the weekend into one article but for you guys I will give it a go. We arrived on the Saturday at 10am and could barley find the words to describe the queue that was easily over a thousand people long, thankfully we had early bird tickets so we walked right in and got our wristbands. A quick note for people looking to go in the future, parking can be a bit of a pain so early is best. You get greeted by amazing staff on entrance who help in any way and give out the bands. One Issue I have to raise is the fact that the security at the convention can be very rude and sometimes grab people just to see their wristbands!

We decided to get our tickets so that we could see James Marsters, the queue for 13043626_10154083432992225_3887273052716870738_nhim and Amber Benson was huge; but more on that later! Highlights We carried on round and found some amazing reptiles, my partner was able to hold a bearded dragon on the Saturday and a snake on the Sunday. There was a huge tent near the reptile area and opposite some amazing transformer cars (Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee and Barricade), the tent had the usual stores inside selling your average pop vinyl but at the same time a sweet gaming set up that held competitions for people to compete in and win some kick ass prizes and one stall in particular that sold some amazing cakes, fudges and brownies that I decided to get a couple boxes of, if you are wondering the company are under the name of, The Custom Cupcake Company.


The Kinder fudge was to die for, I would literally charge into battle for a slab of it and my favourite cupcake out of them all had to be the snickers! I would however suggest buying a box of them like we did and trying each for yourself!

Now before we get to the main hall which had the amazing guests in I have to bring some bits to your attention, Issue. Some of the staff at the comic convention where rude and totally disorganised. When it came to waiting to see James Marsters and Amber Benson we had to collect a ticket, we got told to come back an hour later and our ticket group would be called around then. Upon arriving an hour later we got told that we needed to come back an hour and half later, unimpressed we decided that it was worth the wait. 2 hours later we came back expecting to see the amazing duo but got told to come back an hour later!!! The staff member turned around to me and said you either wait or go home it is tough luck.

Anyway we came back 20 minutes later to find a 2 hour queue waiting for us, thankfully we decided to just jump on the end and had a few good chats while waiting with other Buffy fans! The point is though that the two members of staff at the Buffy area had no idea what they where doing and ruined the experience for many fans. Highlight, on the flip side though Amber and James where both amazing, I have met James before so was great to meet him again but Amber was more amazing than I could have imagined!

Highlight, Now moving onto the main hall, which was AMAZING!! Wales Comic Con really outdid themselves with the amazing line up in this hall, I of course had my favourites I just had to see. Jason Momoa was one that we had to see, many will know him from Game of Thrones (Khal Drogo) although I first became a fan when I saw him in Stargate Atlantis as Ronin, he is also playing Aquaman in the new film. You think he would be tall and well built from his on screen personas but when you see him in real life he is even bigger and so much better, an amazing guy all round.


I of course had a few other favourites, Veronica Taylor (the voice of Ash Ketchum), Primeval’s Ben Masfield and Hannah Spearritt because to be fair they where all amazing and took the time to talk to us, find out where we had come from and actually make an effort. My all time favourite though and someone that I have waited almost 6 years to finally meet had to be Gareth David-Lloyd. I first fell in love with him when I saw him in Torchwood which I think is the case for most people, I love him in Dragon Age


portraying Solas and I can not wait to see Dark Signal with him in! Saturday my partner managed to get him to sign my Torchwood boxset while I stood there almost speechless although on the Sunday I got the courage to finally take a picture with him, BEST DAY EVER!

One last thing I would like to end the article on would be that the whole experience was amazing, everyone was so friendly and most (there was one) of the guests where so polite and not the arrogant stuck up snobs you hear horror stories about! The one thing that will forever remain in my mind other than Gareth would be the amazing cos play outfits that people go huge lengths to make. I could not see myself in them but the ones you see just take your breath away and everyone wants a picture with them, I was just a little to scared to ask!!

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