Amazon digital credit is amazing, if you have no idea what it is make sure you read this post carefully. If you are like me and love watching films or listening to music you will want to harness the power that is Amazon digital credit and do it fast. I’m going to start with how you can actually obtain the digital credit, otherwise it would be pointless to know what it does but not actually have any of it!

Where to get Amazon digital credit…

So the way in which you can get Amazon digital credit, if you have read my post on how Amazon literally saves me thousands a year you will already know one. I’ll recap for those who haven’t. If you have Amazon prime you are able to opt for next day delivery, that’s great although you can also opt for 3-5 days delivery.

By opting for 3-5 days delivery you are able to receive £1 credit for each order placed. If you are buying on Amazon all the time this digital credit is soon going to add up in your account for you to use on films and music. At times Amazon will have promotional events taking place, these are normally around prime day or black Friday deals. When these events take place you can normally get £3 digital credit with every order, enough to keep you going over the Christmas period.

As far as I am aware this is the only way you can actually obtain Amazon digital credit for the time being. I have got digital credit from Amazon once or twice when I have had to make a complaint because of damaged or missing items although that’s rare, not as rare as I would like; does anyone else have items go missing all the time? Also if you know of another way to get digital credit let me know.

What can I actually do with Amazon digital credit?

So you should have Amazon prime and if you are you will no doubt have the Amazon music app, right? Well if you do you will probably have your favourite music on there and a playlist to sing along to while you’re in the shower. Well not all music on Amazon is free, some of it is although you will find the odd gem that you love which will normally cost you money.

You are able to spend all the digital credit that you have on this music. I must point out that you can only buy the digital download not a physical copy of the music you want. If you are on the app all the time though this shouldn’t be a big deal and you should get along fine.

The other way you can use digital credit is films, movies, boxsets!! Although there are many films on the Amazon prime database that won’t cost you a penny you will still want to watch others that you will need to rent or buy. Of course it is going to cost quite a bit if you want to watch even one film a week. This is why digital credit is so amazing because you can use it on films and not have to worry about the costs, even better if you order a lot of Amazon to begin with.

I would like to point out that renting or buying a film doesn’t actually give you £1 digital credit although that would be nice wouldn’t it!? Also you will want to keep an eye on your balance as I think you have a year in which you need to use the credit otherwise they will take it away, never to be seen again!

Also if you are a film buff and don’t have a smart TV or an Xbox like I do to watch these films on I would suggest getting a fire stick, they don’t cost hordes and you can do so much with them! Check out my Amazon fire stick for more details on that!


I hope I have helped you figure out what Amazon digital credit is and how you can obtain it. I also hope that you get a fire stick and watch some films in bed with popcorn or chocolate, your choice! Movies are an amazing way to pass the time and I thank Amazon for helping take so many people on adventures daily from the comfort of our homes!

If you didn’t know about Amazon digital credit and you have just looked how much you actually have let me know, when I first discovered it after Christmas I had around £100 sat there and so did my partner! We had enough movies to last up till now!

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