Bootsales happen to be a favourite past time of mine. I have literally been going to and doing bootsales since I was born. I attended them with my family for as long as I can remember. However loads of people still turn their noses up at car boots?! I have no idea why though, I wanted to go in depth a little more about them and why you should probably start doing them if you live with mass amounts of clutter.

You always see vloggers on YouTube talking about how they de-clutter and the mass amounts of stuff they are going to be getting rid of, they don’t say how most of the time which bugs me. Sure you will get the odd one or two who throw it away but what a waste. So I wanted to explain to you how you can get rid of your unwanted items and make some money!

The first step is going to be finding a bootsale near you. It’s quite simple really, just google it, for example I would google Bournemouth Bootsales and see what comes up. Sometimes they will have reviews and sometimes they won’t. Personally I would say check out any bootsale as a buyer before you decide you want to do a bootsale of your own.

Once you have determined the best bootsale to sell at you want to make sure you have the correct times. You need to make sure you know what time to get there, I would suggest getting there earlier though, being late could mean all the buyers have already entered the field and you might not sell as much. It’s also best to know how much it’s going to cost you. At a bootsale we do entry for a car is £13 which isn’t that bad if you take enough stuff.

Lastly you want to make sure you have your car packed. Fill it up with as much as possible, cram it all in! I literally have a box on my lap when we do a bootsale. You will also need to make sure that you have tables to display your stuff, unless you want to just throw a big sheet on the floor and sit next to it all; however it might be a pain to keep standing up all the time. Also make sure you have a bumbag of a tin to keep your money together and in one place. Otherwise it might get stolen and you don’t want to be one of them people with the horror stories!

Depending on what you take you could make £10 -£500. At our last bootsale we made £186, not bad if I do say so myself. You could make the same or maybe more if you have the stock! So there you have it, if you have the stuff go and sell it all! Don’t just throw it away. If you want to know more about buying at a bootsale check out the post.

One more thing you need to be careful about are the people. You will have people all day long trying to haggle you down. If you don’t mind lowering the price, have fun with it and haggle a bit. You will also get the light fingered people so you need to be careful about that. My partner once stopped someone stealing from us, it wasn’t pretty but it had to be done. Just make sure you keep an eye out for them and keep vigilant.

Bootsales can be a lot of fun, doesn’t matter if you sell at one or buy at one. Let me know what you love most about bootsales!

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