Many people complain about the great British weather, myself I love it. You might be thinking who could love the British weather? It’s impossible? Not really.The great thing about the British weather is that it’s never the same. Sure you go on holiday because you want to sun or maybe you want to cold so you go somewhere like Iceland in the winter and not just because that’s where mothers seem to always go.

When it comes to the weather here, well you’re always in for something different. I’ve spoken to many people who come to the U.K. in the summer expecting the sun and being able to spend the week at the beach. It just doesn’t work that way I’m afraid. Unlike places like Bangkok, if it rains here; it pours and it gets cold.

If you are visiting the U.K. I would totally suggest packing two things. Firstly you are going to need an umbrella. Yesterday the sun was shining and you could quite happily wear shorts without an issue. Today however the rain is pouring and I am going to be taking an umbrella out with me or I will get soaked!

The other would be sunglasses, maybe a hat if you feel like it although I mostly wear one if I don’t want to sort my hair out. You will need sunglasses just because it gets so bright you won’t be able to see. You will need them especially if you are going to be driving, the Brits are known for their road rage so don’t give them a reason to start.

I also mention a hat, if it gets that hot you might want to consider it just because you don’t want to end up with something like sun stroke. I would advise some sun cream as well because if you wear a hat the only part of you without the sunburn would be your forehead as I discovered last weekend!

So there you have it, I love the British weather because it is so random, unpredictable. You have no idea what’s going to happen and sure you can try and check out the weather apps on your phone but half the time they change the day before so they aren’t that reliable.

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