As a blogger I am always ready to write down any blog ideas that I have. I can literally get them anywhere. This particular blog post idea happened on the train when I was trying to think of blog post ideas! Funny how the world works isn’t it?!

I wanted to let people know why I literally carry a pen and pad everywhere that I go. Some people think it’s a little strange and it does mean I have a small bag with me all the time but I have to say I like it.


To be blunt I carry a pen and pad because I get blog posts everywhere and I need to write them down. Imagine if my phone wasn’t working and I didn’t have my iPad! The horror, so that’s the main reason I carry it around. I also need them for when I’m on a trip or at a restaurant so that I can make notes as to add as much details in my blog posts as possible.

I also carry it around for when I get bored. So many times have I ended up in a lecture or in a car where I’m bored out of my mind and I need to do something. I automatically get my pad out and doodle, or write random fiction! It’s amazing what you can create when you’re bored with the right amount of creativity and imagination thrown in!


Of course the amount of pads I go through might get a little expensive. However I don’t actually pay that much. I won a couple in competitions which have kept me going and I use the pound shop. I have to say that you can get all sorts from the pound shop these days. I just found the perfect everyday essential there and they have so many wonderful pads and pens that anyone would want. I guess it depends on your pound shop though as to what stock they have.

Wilkinsons are also a nice little shop if you are wanting stationary supplies, you can literally never have too much stationary right? I must spend around £30 a year on my supplies and if you use it all right it will last! I would love to know what sort of stationary everyone picks up. At the moment I am using an A.O. Book I got when I went to watch Britons and got talent although I have a wicked Game of Thrones pad I’ll be moving onto next that I got for my birthday!

So in conclusion always carry a notebook with you everywhere that you go! It might save your life, well from boredom at least!

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