Why is the Wicked so amazing at the Victoria Apollo, come find out!

On 21/05/2016 my partner and I decided to go and watch the Wicked. I have been before although this was the first time for my fiancee. The Apollo was as you can imagine totally packed and it was difficult to move at times but we soon found our seats and got ready for the amazing, majestic show to unravel in front of us.

As soon as the talented actors burst onto the stage the entire atmosphere changed in the room. Not a soul in the theatre dare look away and it had only just began, I myself after having already seen it was still glued to the stage. From the first song “No one mourns the wicked” you could tell it was going to be a good night, just with the vocals alone.

Of course it wasn’t long before Ga-linder showed her pretty, bubble self and showcased her amazing vocals. Her voice could only be explained as something you might hear when you enter heaven. Although her vocals shone brighter than the sun, it was her acting that at times may have let her down. Don’t get me wrong she can act very well but at times I felt that Ga-Linder needed more attitude, that wasn’t always seen.IMG_3292

Then there was Emma Hatton, the best Elphaba so far; sorry Idina Menzel you have been replaced. Emma played Elphaba just like she needed to be played. It was amazing to see the different between her and the last Elphaba from my previous Wicked experience, after all every actor/actress brings a new quirk to the show.

Of course the two leading ladies weren’t the only talented ones in the cast. Oliver Savile (Fiyero) is not only talented when it comes to his good looks but his voice trumps his ripped, muscle arms any day (sorry). I have to also point out that Liza Sadovy (Madame Morrible) was amazing, she is the one in the show that I hate to love!

I may not have spoken much about the show and more about the cast but at the end of the day I don’t want to give the entire plot away. All I can say is that you will look at theWwizard of Oz in a whole new light. You will laugh throughout but at times feel pitty and empathy for the characters. I have to say well done to the entire cast, they work hard and never fail to put on a show! The standing ovation at the end was enough evidence that the show was amazing!

One hint would be to not use your phone during the performance, two people where asked to leave because of this, one reason as well why I do not have loads of photos of the event. The memory is enough!

So if you have seen Wicked before what is your favourite song? Mine has to be “No good deed”. Thanks for reading, if you haven’t gone already then make sure you book your tickets soon.

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