Bluetooh Wireless Headphones, a lifestyle change.

Headphones, you will hear a lot about them wherever you go. Phone companies give away their own when they sell a phone, most supermarket shops will sell them. What though makes them so amazing and why should you pick one over the other? Well that is what I want to tell you. I have been fed up for a while with getting tangled up with wires while I am trying to go for one of my walks. It also takes me ages to leave the house after having to untangle the wires in the first place.

Wires are no longer a problem though! I have discovered the future when it comes to headphones, the furute is bright! I found some amazing bluetooth wireless headphones while looking on Amazon one day, I though they sounded way to good to be true although I just had to try them out. If it was going to make the walking I did easier than I was all for giving them a try, if not I would return them.

I have Amazon prime which is amazing and they where delivered the next day! To be fair I thought they where going to be a hassle to set up and connect to my phone but actually it was really simple. As I said before they are bluetooth and connect to your phone. All you have to do is turn the headphones on and search for them on your phone; press connect and away you go. It really is that simple!


I would say however be careful how loud you have the volume! If you have them too loud you may hear some ringing for a while. One of the amazing features I loved is that the right earphone you can press down on and that can either pause or play the music from your phone, how sweet is that! The headphones are easilly charged from your computer and you do not need to instal any fancy hardware.

These headphones really are a lifesaver. It takes me a couple of seconds to connect them and put them in my ears. Before though I was spending more like 5 minutes. I would suggest if you like listining to music while exercising these are the headphones you need! They are also amazing quality unlike some cheap ones you find these days, at only £12 you might as well treat yourself to something that will last long and keep doing what you need them to do!

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