I am terrible for staining my clothes! To the point that my mum decided to get me an adult man bib which I am not ashamed to say, I have used on many occasions. My main problem at the moment happens to be Indian food. If you have ever got Indian on your clothes you will know it can be terrible to get out and most times you end up throwing the clothes away.

Well I forgot to wear my adult man bib and my white T-shirt suffered a fate worse than the bin! The dreaded stain. The worst part is that I was keeping the T-shirt for my upcoming Bangkok holiday! It needed to be saved and I was not paying the price of Vanish. I understand that everyone says that Vanish is the best but I like my bargains and I always try to find cheaper first!

I decided to ask the family and my mother in law gave me this tub of Wizz on our visit. She swore by the stuff and said it was better than vanish so I decided I had nothing to lose, as long as it didn’t turn my white T-shirt green! There are various ways you can use the powder.

If you happen to catch the stain you can use the pre treat method. You basically get some powder and mix it with a little bit of water and then rub the solution into the stain, leave it for five minutes and then chuck the item of clothing into the washing machine, add a little powder to the washing machine and wash.

This would have been great if I had caught it in time but I wanted to finish my meal first and then it didn’t come out in the wash so I had to hunt down this solution, which brings me to the second option.

Pre soak. This is the method you use for tough and dried stains. You need to soak the item in water and powder for an hour and then wash again with added powder to get rid of the stain. I was a little worried that it just wasn’t going to work and that I Would have to spend more on Vanish or cut my losses and chuck the T-shirt.

However if it didn’t work I wouldn’t be writing this post and I wouldn’t be telling you to go buy a pack of 10 from the picture above! I have ordered mine and have a stock in the back of the kitchen cupboard. At £10.41 you can’t beat it when you are going to pay close to £5 for one pack of vanish.

As you can see from the before and after pictures it really does work and I would suggest to anyone wanting to cut the costs and keep their clothes clean and looking like new to buy this instead!

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