This is how I save all year round without spending anything!

So it took me a while to understand the concept of Wombling and I had to research it a bit. When I finally understood, it was full steam ahead! Wombling is a sure fire way for me to save up for Christmas. Once you get used to it you won’t want to look back. So you might be thinking what the heck is Wombling? Let me explain. Wombling is essentially finding old receipts that haven’t been claimed and claiming them yourself. Let me run through this with you using one of the most popular places I womble.


So Tesco to me gives you the most return when it comes to clubcard points, check out my break down in the reward cards post.  Whenever I go to Tesco and normally at night I will scout out for thrown away receipts. Thankfully people still don’t care enough about the environment to use bins and I can pick up these receipts. 4 out of 5 receipts that I find have unclaimed points on that I can claim. The trick is to find a receipt and if it has points to claim ask at the customer service desk if they can load them onto your card, as you “forgot” to scan your card earlier.

With one point only amounting to £0.01 it might seem like a waste of time? With Tesco you are able to accumulate all your point until the end of the year, a Christmas savers. So if you womble all year round you are going to have a hefty investment to use on Christmas shopping when December roles around! You can also redeem your points online, sometimes making them worth more in exchange for day trips etc.


So Sainsbury’s holds the same concept. You are going to need to find a receipt that has unclaimed points on. Sainsbury’s are just like Tesco in the fact they give points for your shopping. With these points you can either use them in store or at the same time you can go online to see if any offers are available, you are sometimes able to swap points for day trips etc.


Now Morrisons happens to be my least favourite. Morrisons uses a Martch and More loyalty card scheme. Just like other stores you need to find the unclaimed receipt. Take it to customer services and redeem, however with Morrisons they will only let you redeem 15 receipts within a 30 day period which means you can be somewhat limited.

When it comes to Morrisons the criteria changes. In order to redeem the receipt a minimum of £15 must have been spent.  At the same time at least one item identified as comparable to Morrisons needs to be purchased. This means you earn the points if your shop may or may not have been cheaper elsewhere.

Although it sounds like a pain, for every £0.10 difference found in price you earn 100 points. The only down side is you need 5,000 points before you can convert them into money and every 5,000 gives you a £5 voucher. If you are a regular shopper in Morrisons it is ideal!

Everywhere else!

So this trick can be done anywhere there is a loyalty or reward card scheme. You just need to know where you can do it and how often. Some other places include,

Boots: Redeem receipts for points on a Boots card, just like Tesco.

Nandos: Redeem receipts for points with Nando’s card in exchange for food.

Superdrugs: Redeem receipts for points on a Superdrugs card, just like Tesco.

McDonalds: Free coffee when you have stickers from six other coffee cups.

Wombling, earn money from discarded receipts!


So I have been doing this for almost two years now and based on previous expierence there are a few guidelines that should be practiced. This should all be hassle free and an easy way to generate nice rewards down the line and in my case save for Christmas. Although there is nothing against Wombling it is better to keep it quiet and not give the game away.  Here are a few guidelines and tips to help you through!

  • Mix it up a little, try and use different stores to redeem your receipts if possible.

  • Try to keep the amount of receipts you redeem down to a minimum, trying to redeem loads in one time can result in problems.

  • Smile and talk. Get to know the cashier staff and be polite.

  • If you know a place that gives you the most receipts, visit and visit again!

  • Ask friends and family. People don’t think about receipts and that is why we do this! Ask friends or family if they have any receipts they might not have claimed and use them!

  • The best time to get out there for receipts is the weekend, when people are shopping. Also holidays, Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day etc. People are stocking up and buying presents, utilise this!

All of these facts are correct on the date of researching 25/02/17.

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