What a tale I have to tell. If you live in Bournemouth or just visit a lot you may know about this place, then again I have lived here for almost 5 years and had no idea it existed. Possibly because it’s along the Boscombe sea front, or maybe because it used to be a public toilet; now transformed into the life of the pizza party! Whatever the reason, now that I have had a visit I would recommend anyone visit.

So my partner got invited along to a blogging event here and decided to take me along, nice of him right? I had no idea what to expect which was all part of the fun. The wood oven is easy to find on the seafront and in the perfect position for everyone on holiday in the summer, they even deliver to beach huts! More on delivery later though. Once we arrived we got shown to our comfortable seats ready for a power point presentation. I thought it was going to be university all over again, I was for once happy to be wrong. Side Note, If you go make sure you order a Aperol Spritz! They were yummy!!

I won’t go too much into the heavy details of the power point. I will say that I found out asparagus takes 1,000 days to get ready before we can eat them! At The Wood Oven you will find mostly local ingredients on them menu, of course some bits you have to fly into the UK, for the most part though it’s local. Throughout the whole presentation one thing stood out to me, something the owner Mart Cribb said, “We create venues and spaces for people to spend time with each other”. This is something that was easily shown throughout the night.

Delivery. So there are so many of us who love having a pizza ordered and have it turn up to our doors half hour later, right? Well us bloggers of the night managed to get some questions answered. After one blogger pointed out that she had to pay £2.50 delivery charge from a delivery service to have it turn up like a mess, the owner had some explaining to do. We found out that if you are going to order with the wood oven, GO DIRECT! If you go direct there is no delivery charge, FREE!! Also the pizza wont be thrown around in a bag on someones back, it will get placed on a car seat and hand delivered the way it’s supposed to look!

Back to the pizza. We got to make our own. Before that though we got to try one, a margarita (Named after a queen!). It was stunning, of course mine tasted better but it taste amazing and one of the best I’ve had in Bournemouth. As bloggers we got taught to work the dough into a pizza base, instructed on toppings so we didn’t have a soggy bottom and the whole time with a smile from chef James, nothing like Ramsey!

As I said before my pizza turned out amazing, we even got to watch them being cooked in the wood oven. It looked amazing, smelt amazing and to actually see how it was being cooked; priceless. Also side note, the kitchen was really clean! I’ve been into some kitchens where I’ve worked before and they have been terrible, so A+ for cleanliness.

While all of this was going on you also had the chance to make cupcakes. At the wood oven they also sell amazing cupcakes and we got to try our hand at making them ourselves. Of course I’m no expert so mine didn’t turn out professional or anything but I gave them a good try, they tasted nice the next day! Not that I can take much credit for that as I didn’t make them! Naomi was the perfect teacher and you should get down there and try out her cakes!

At the end of the night we got to try everyone’s pizza, of course I thought mine was the best but we decided to go with don’t vote for your own! Not sure how many people stuck to that, I did! Overall two joint first place winner emerged, one of them being my fantastic other half over at MattsCafe! His pizza (The Big Blue) along with another will be on the menu for four weeks!! We’ve already decided that we are going to have our date night at The Wood Oven, just to try it out! You can see my amazing pizza below though, didn’t place but still taste amazing!

Overall it was an amazing night, It was amazing to see how everything was cooked and to really get into the pizza making. I couldn’t recommend The Wood Oven enough! I mean if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t have booked a table right? I tried to limit the amount of photos I’ve placed into this post, I took 132 pictures that night so as you can imagine the task was a difficult one! You can see so much more on my Instagram though so get over there and check them out! Of course a massive thank you to everyone at The Wood Oven for a fantastic night!

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