Yankee candle at Christmas!

So kicking off my Christmas season are Yankee candle! As you might be able to tell I love Christmas! I love the smell, the feeling and the tastes of Christmas! I have tried many candles in the past and am sure I will try many more in the future. I have to admit though for now Yankee Candle are my favourites. They always have an amazing Christmas range and their shops hold so much to choose from.

I visited Southampton and managed to get into their shop when visiting West Quay. I have to say I was spoiled for choice when it came to their Christmas range. I will say now that I want their advent calendar. If anyone would like to buy me it, go ahead.


If you see above you can see three candles that I am going to be trying out this Christmas. As I have said before I love Christmas. My favourite from the three above has to be All is Bright. It has such a subtle and lasting smell that you can still smell it hours after it has been blown out. It might take a little while to get up and running but it is well worth the short wait. Second place has to be Festive Cocktail. A stronger smell which starts up right away. The red screams Christmas in my eyes and really brings the season alive. Festive Cocktail has a sweet smell but isn’t overpowering which I love!

I am afraid to say in last place happens to be Star Anise & Orange. I thought this one would be my favourite. The yellow is my favourite colour and I adore orange. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be! The smell is a little too overpowering in my eyes. On the plus side the candle burns a long time and the smell lasts.


At the end of the day in this multi pack there is something for everyone. I would suggest buying a variation and enjoying them all over the Christmas period! Again just remember if you would like to gift me the advent calendar go ahead. Just make sure you do anything you can to make your Christmas enjoyable.

If you are looking for a nice little Christmas gift I would suggest this nice bundle which is a sure way to put a smile on anyone’s face at Christmas!

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