12 Christmas Films 

I say planet earth because it’d have to be out of this world to top the 12 I’m about to talk about! I love Christmas, it’s the best time of year and I don’t care about what anyone else says! It picks me up and makes me happy and it’s the best time of year to spoil the people who mean the world to me, without going stupid and getting into debt of course!

1, Santa Clause the movie collection

Yes I’m talking about all three, although it’s only one in the series of 12 I’m talking about. These films are classic, there’s nothing quite like them and they only get better with age. If you’ve not seen them or you have children who are yet to see them, put them on!

2, Miracle on 34th Street

Confession time, until meeting Matt I’d never even seen this before! If you’ve not seen it, watch it! There’s the oldie version and the more modern version, they’re both amazing so I emplore you to watch them both. Now that it’s in my life, it wouldn’t be Christmas with miracle on 34th street!

3, Elf!

How could I have forgotten elf, oh I didn’t! After writing this I asked a bunch of people on instagram what their favourite Christmas films are and this was a common answer, I think elf might be more known for the memes that float around Facebook, either way it’s a festive favourite and puts you right in the mood to celebrate Christmas!

4, Arthur Christmas!

I love this film, it’s festive, funny and emotional in all the right places. If it doesn’t get you in the festive spirit, get a refund. You totally need to watch it and fall in love with the film just like I have! Also the army elves are just so amazing! WATCH IT!

5, The Grinch!

Of course Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the grinch, he just loves to hate Christmas! Find it in your hearts to watch the grinch this Christmas, he might not be everyones favourite but this time of year he still needs love! I’ve yet to see the new animated version but I’m totally going to soon!

6, Nativity!

Half way through and I wanted to chuck something funny in, I love these films and I watch them all the time; not just at Christmas. If I need to get into a film this is one of them. If you’ve not seen them, what are you doing with your life! Also who doesn’t love a bit of David Tennant!!

7, Home Alone 4 film collection!

I know there’s been a big debate going on through social media, about this set along with another film and if they’re actually christmas films! Well personally I think they are, maybe just because they’re so cool and fun to watch? I think Home Alone can entice the whole family and it’s totally one for everyone to watch!

8, Die Hard!!

This is another one of them films, are they really Christmas films? I’m actaully on the fence about these ones. Sure they’re mostly set around the Chrsitmas period but are they actaully christmas films? Let me know in the comments what you think, either way I love the films. They’re not family films but perfect to snuggle up to on the sofa at the end of a busy day! Also all 5 films for under £10, winning!

9, Christmas with the coopers!

I bloody love this film, it had me in stictches! Imagine picking someone up in the airport to take home to the partents? Does anyone else have someone they compete with at Christmas, who can get the best gift!! It’s a hilarious film, I love it although Matt isn’t too keen. It’s totally one to check out and probably in my top 3 films for Christmas!

10, A Christmas Carol!

Was only a matter of time before it got on the list. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that much about the film, you should already know. It’s a classic tale and one everyone should listen to. If it’s not on your Christmas list, make sure it is now!

11, The Smurf’s Christmas Carol 

Who doesn’t love the smurfs? Am I right? I love the little blue fellas + smurfette! I love this film, I love everything with a smurf in it to be fair! Check out this ace film! If you was a smurf, which one would you be and why?!

12, Black Christmas

Sorry, I’m leaving you with a horror. It had to be done, if you want 11 amazing, family friendly Christmas films take the ones above this one. This however is an 18+ film and for good reason. Black Christmas is scary as! It even beat Krampus to the mark and that’s saying something! If you’re a fan of Christmas horror films then check out Black Christmas, but you can’t say I didn’t give you fair notice!

So there you have it! 12 Christmas films and there’s bound to be something for everyone. There’s films in there to keep children entertained, adults busy and everyone scared out of their minds! If you have any other film suggestions please do leave a comment below so I can check them out. It has to be said I’m not the biggest fan of horror films though and I hardly ever watch them, probably why only a couple made it onto this list!

You’ll also notice that all of these films, at the time of writing anyways are all under £10. Which is great because there’s a few film collection packs in the mix that aren’t even over £10. It just means you can have much more Christmas joy without having to spend so much in the process!

12 Of The Best Christmas Films On Planet Earth!



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